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  1. Bez

    Officer killed.

    It is time to stand down Brother. Your watch is over. Others will take it from here. May you be safe in God's Arms. May His Angels look after your family. RIP
  2. Bez

    We Are Back And Farm Is Sold - Lots of Pics On Flicker

    Thought I would start a new thread on our plans. As most folks know we are selling the farm and leaving for the west. The farm is now sold and we did a long trip out west to find a few spots that we thought might be nice to re-locate to. In the end we cannot re-locate until I find work. I...
  3. Bez

    Selling Out - Planning to Move West.

    We are home now. It was a wonderful trip. We had to change the plans a bit as a family member in Saskatchewan needed some help while we were out there. But we got to see a bunch of British Columbia and a tonne of places in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I have been busy since we got home. The farm...
  4. Bez


    After all the time I spent there. After all the friends we shipped home in boxes. After all the losses and the traitorous activities of those we attempted to help, after the schitte treatment by our own governments and the lack of support when we returned home, I have a solution that will not...
  5. Bez


    Age does not matter. Everyone needs a Will. I do not want it to happen to anyone but you could be run over by a tractor trailer today. Get your Will sorted out folks. Best to all.
  6. Bez

    Drought Hay Pricing ?

    Have not found a place yet. Taking some time in September and October and going for a drive to have a look around. Cheers
  7. Bez

    Drought Hay Pricing ?

    We have been very dry here and incredibly hot as well. Planning to move to western Alberta - back to the old stomping grounds. Military moved us here some years ago and we bought this farm and did well here. However the politics of the region and the crap that is happening here is driving us...
  8. Bez

    Drought Hay Pricing ?

    We had a small 8 acre hay field in front of the house that has great horse hay. Last year we got 65 8 foot bales off of it. We sold each of those bales for about 100 bucks a bale to the folks down the road who have a bunch of horses. This year despite the lack of rain we have so far got about 40...
  9. Bez

    Cleveland Guardians

    Political correctness will sooner or later destroy the world we were raised in.
  10. Bez

    Best baler for 4x5 bales?

    The best bailer is the one you can afford and the one that runs well. I never buy equipment like this - if used - without trying it out and getting the dealer to ensure it is completely serviced first. If he will not do this then I walk. If buying new then usually it comes down to two things...
  11. Bez

    Pocket Knife Poll

  12. Bez

    Pocket Knife Poll

    I carry four knives on me at all times. If I am in a suit or in coveralls I have them with me. 1. A multi-tool - has been with me to every country I have ever been to. 2. A buck - Been to about 6 countries 3. A Swiss Army knife. 4. An old beater with a 5 inch blade that I got for an award when...
  13. Bez

    Bill Gates owns the most farm land

    Seems you and I are on the same page. Self sufficiency is important. I am seeing Canada fall and slide downhill rapidly. Those in the city think that "free" money is easy to take. But they do not seem to understand that there is no free money. It comes from the workers wallets as the government...
  14. Bez

    Bill Gates owns the most farm land

    If you cannot feed yourself then you are a slave. Those who simply go to the grocery store do not get it. However those who live in Venezuela do get it. Once one of the richest countries in the world and still controlling vast amounts of gas and oil - they are broke. They are slaves now...
  15. Bez

    Bill Gates owns the most farm land

    Control the food and you can control the people.
  16. Bez

    Beware of climate change

    Nick, I have written the truth (and you seem to agree) but I do not have wealth, power or influence. So what I write does not matter to the world because they will never see it. Those that do have wealth, power and influence are also prepared to rule you no matter what the cost to you. Those...
  17. Bez

    Beware of climate change

    Be very, very aware that the "science" is being faked in order to create fear and from fear comes control. Once the "leaders" have control over the population, then they start taking the cash and at the same time driving YOU in to the corner to maintain that control over you. There is a reason...
  18. Bez

    Beware of climate change

    They burn everything - it was likely tires that day. If you look in the back of the pic you will see other stacks as well. They are burning oil and garbage and anything they can find - they are generating power in the region.
  19. Bez

    Beware of climate change

    I have some comments on the UN and climate change and more - hope it creates some thought and discussion. In the end the following is completely true as I am writing about my own personal experiences. 1. I have personally seen tropical plant fossils north of Resolute Bay in the arctic. 2. I...