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  1. susie

    ?bred heifer with thick yellow discharge

    I have a 3yr Dexter heifer who was aI'd in the middle of June-- no sign of heat since. Yesterday I noticed quite a bit of very thick pale yellow discharge from her vulva... no odor to it, she seems fine-- good appetite, no fever. Today the amount of discharge is less but it's still there---...
  2. susie

    Phosphorus source-- fire extinguisher material??

    I found an ad on my local Craigslist for a soil enhancer-- It's the stuff that comes out of certain fire extinguishers- it's called ABC dry--chem. It is 95 percent MAP mono ammonium phosphate which is a moderate source of nitrogen and a high source of phosophorus it's analysis is 11-52-0 The...
  3. susie

    Soil test results

    I just got the results of my soil test and I wondered I could get some help with getting the right fertilizer. They recommend 160 lbs Nitrogen, 70 lbs of Phosphate, and 10 pounds of sulfur per acre- i only have about 3 1/2 acres of pasture. I have a couple small cows and a few goats on...
  4. susie

    Overseeding rate

    I'm going to overseed a mix of Orchardgrass, tall fescue and tetraploid annual rye into my pastures this Fall, but I'm going to buy the seed soon. Just wondering how much I seed I should buy/ acre-- I'm going to broadcast spread it after grazing it short and roughing it up a little with...
  5. susie

    HerefordXBlack Angus= almost totally red calf?

    My Hereford cow had her bull calf this morning, I thought at frst it was all black, but now that it's more dry I see it's all dark red with two tiny white dots on it's face- smaller than a dime. She was ai'd to an ABS black angus... I was expecting a BWF, that's what she threw last year. How...
  6. susie

    Picture of my 4 month old hereford x Murray grey heifer

    Hee's Josie, our first calf at 4 moths old. Just thought I'd share-- Susie
  7. susie

    Buying steer

    We have an opportunity to buy a steer/steers from a private party that is a friend of our neighbors. They are all BWF, weight ranging from weanling on up. Any size for 83 cents/lb. My question is which is the better deal a little one or a big one? We don't have tons of pasture,especially as...
  8. susie

    Breeding small Hereford - which calving ease bull--??

    I'm looking for a bull for my small Hereford heifer. She's been cycling at least 3 months now, but she is very small. I'm not sure of her age, but when we got her in February or so, she was 325 pounds. She has since filled out, but is still short. Now I'd say she's 500-550 pounds, but like I...
  9. susie

    Sprayer for fertilizing

    My husband's boss wants to go in halves on a small sprayer for fertilizing our pastures. We haven't ever fertilized our pastures, we've had cows for just a couple of years, and have only 4 1/2 acres, we rotationally graze them. We did have a bunch of scotch broom in one of the pastures, and the...
  10. susie

    Rito Rito 2R12 ... o=29AN1637 Has anyone used this bull or know anything about him? Thanks, Susie
  11. susie

    need help picking ai bull

    I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a bull to AI my Hereford cow to. This will be her 2nd calf. I'm torn between going Hereford or going Angus, but these are what I'd like: Good feet good temperament blocky, shorter in stature, with good muscle If she has a steer it'll be...
  12. susie

    Dwarf?- 2 pic's

    Here are my cows, 2 yr old Hereford cow with her 6 week old Murray Gray cross calf, and a heifer we picked up at the sales barn a few months ago. The Hereford heifer has not gotten appreciably taller since we got her-- does she look like a dwarf? We think so. Thanks, Susie
  13. susie

    Gagging heifer

    We have a heifer, maybe 8 months old. I'm not sure. we bought her at the sales barn... a mistake to have purchased her as she's a real poor doer. (I think she's a dwarf.) We won't be making that mistake again! Anyway, she's a hereford very small... we've been trying to get her in better...
  14. susie

    Halter breaking heifer

    My cow has a 3 week old heifer that I'd really like to halter break. What is the easiest way to do this if the mom is not halter-broken? The cow is friendly and i can pet her or brush her or "walk" her to where I want her to be ( she'll follow me) ... but the baby is a little wild and won't let...
  15. susie

    Woohoo- It's a heifer :) 4 pic's

    Here's some pictures of my Hereford heifer's calf- she was AI'd to a Murray Grey. The new heifer weighs 66 pounds- easy birth ( I'd hope so with a 66 pounder) - from sac showing to calf about 10 minutes! In the daytime too! All pictures are within an hour of her birth. Pretty happy, just...
  16. susie

    Heifer letting steer nurse-- will she continue after calving

    My heifer, due to calve ina couple of weeks, was letting our steer nurse from her. So when I saw that I seperated the two. I was wondering if she will let the steer nurse after she calves ? I only have a small acreage so I don't want to be running two pastures for the cows.( I rotate the...
  17. susie

    udder changes in heifer-what does mastitis look like?

    my heifer, due in 3 weeks, has had some changes in her teats and udder the past few days. Her udder feels really firm, not soft and jiggly at all. Also her udder and teats look a bit more pink than usual- is this normal? her temp is 102. she seems like she's acting ok . BTW, this is the...
  18. susie

    Supplement for Bad hay ?

    The hay i bought last year is really poor quality- very straw-like and coarse. What can I add to their diets to increase the nutritional value and keep them eating this stuff? I've been supplementing with some alfalfa and that seemed to work out ok, but going to be running out of it before...
  19. susie


    My heifer is due to calve in 30 days. this morning I noticed a drop of cream(colostrum ) hanging off the end of one of her teats.So I've been watching the cows( she's with a younger steer). So, what I suspected, the steer is trying to nurse her, so they are now in seperate pastures, as the cow...
  20. susie

    60 days from calving- condition? pic's

    Here's Elaine hy heifer, she's due to calve Mar 17. How do you think she looks? She'll be just turning 2 when she calves. Oh BTW she's getting a 2 flakes of alfalfa a day, some really low quality local hay ( but as much as she wants) and has access to a 20% protein tub. Plus free choice...