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    I'm showing my ignorance here but I am asking if you use Ralgro on heifers? The insert gives information on heifers but is it just the heifers you plan to sell or all of them. I says the dose is good for 70 days on heifers. Thanks for enlightening me .
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    Good news for once

    Just ran preg check on 52 head and only had two heifers open. Last year was a mess with heifers due to abnormally cold temps and young bulls so we were ready for this.
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    Thieves and troublemakers

    We had an jolt this morning with a phone call saying our catle were out. After scrambling for clothes and shoes, we ran out to look for them. Then we found that a gate had been opened and if it hadn't been for a neighbor getting up at one in the morning, we probably would have lost them all...
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    Here I am with another ??

    The first calf heifer that had the weak calf isn't producing much milk. Do you think she can produce next year or should she be sold now? We are supplementing the calf as of now.
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    Suggestions please

    We had a calf out of a first calf heifer those morning that is not doing well. She was weak and lethargic and would not get up. We gave her colostrum, then a little electrolytes. We just now gave her more colostrum but she is still not getting up and trembles a lot. Any ideas, anyone??
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    Vaccinating heifers

    Heifers were weaned at eight months and received two rounds of Presponse and Cavalry. They will be put with a bull at fourteen months. Would you do a round of prebreeding shots?
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    Sold some culls Saturday

    Sold some culls, one 13 yr old with crippled feet brought $972, a ten year old brought $1323, a ten year old with calf brought $2100 and a six year old sterile cow brought $1585. Kind of amazing, at least to us.
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    Shop with a woman, another angle

    Something I saw this week....Shopping with a man is like going hunting with the game warden.
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    Double whammy this week

    First we were bull poor and today, we are short one heifer bull. Our full blood angus came up crippled last month and we had hoped he would pull out of it but it wasn't to be. He's scheduled for the sale barn this week, then our balancer heifer bull came up with a wart on his penis when he had...
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    Lutalyse question

    We sorted the herd into breeding groups yesterday and it was a pretty low stress, calm affair. Then one heifer started bellowing and running wild within her group. She then crawled through two fences to get herself into the herd bulls group and we could not get her back up. How long should we...
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    Found dead cow this morning.

    Second calf cow, bred back on time, delivered a dandy calf seven days ago. This morning, we found her where she dropped, still warm with no sign of struggle. Her gums were not pale so probably not anaplas. We are totally out of ideas unless she had an embolism. She hasn't been sick because...
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    Calf born blind

    In 2004 we kept several heifers and among them was a heifer that was born with one blind eye. She was a good heifer and we figured we would get killed at the sale barn so we kept her too. She has given us fantastic calves every year and today she had a bull calf with BOTH eyes blind. She has...
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    All you donkey lovers, I have a question

    I know you all don't put too much stock in donkeys. Maybe not everyone though so can someone tell me if they get pinkeye? Our little guy has watery eyes but they aren't red and sore looking.
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    Dead calf question

    We have had a pinkeye storm in our county and one of our first calf heifers is just now able to see a little bit. She calved this morning without any problem but the calf was stepped on. I seem to remember Dun saying you could tell if it was stillborn if there was no blood. Can someone tell...
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    Missouri cattle rustling c

    Has anyone heard anything from the news conference that the Highway Patrol and the Sheriffs office were to have Monday?
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    Questiion for fall calvers

    Anyone having difficulties with cows settling? We have had a 30 to 45 day breeding season the past few years but this fall, we have had several late in settling. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this.
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    I accidentally refrigerated Lutalyse and then realized it was not the thing to do. Can anyone tell me if it will still be effective?
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    Another older than dirt ..

    How many of you remember Lash LaRue and his whip? We used to listen to him and Inner Sanctum on the radio every afternoon. Mom gardened heavily and wanted us to strip the peas one last time but our programs were coming on so she let us pull the vines and take them under the window so we could...
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    Guarding the harem

    We have bulls separated with their own girls but they share an adjoining fence. This morning we noticed the older bull standing and mooning over the fence. We walked through the younger bull's pasture and then noticed him streaking past us and thought he was going to get into a fight over the...
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    Sales-better than expected

    Market a little better this week. 600# steers brought 107.00, heifers brought 94.50. Things are looking up, or so it seems right now. We'll see.