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    You can plant, spray, and fertilize it, but you can't make it rain.
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    That's how we had been until now. I think just a mist or two. Most farmers have baled it up. As for the wheat that is still there, it got rain but it may be too late. Hopefully they can get some grain out of it.
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    Houston I wish I could. The wheat actually had nitrogen poisoning in the root. Hopefully after all the rain we got today it will be clean.
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    Finally got rain in central OK!!! Had 2 and 1/4 in the rain gauge by 3 o clock. Now come on grass!!!
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    Rain in Oklahoma

    I hear ya. Were in a bad way. All my wheat is about to hit joint stage. Im not gonna make any grain if we don't get rain soon. Started to get blue spots in it. May just cut the **** and bale it. Hate to but that may be my best option.
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    Angus Source

    I know about CAB and the gist of it. But is anyone familiar with the Angus Source program?? Do you think it pays off??
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    Experience with these bulls??

    Ok guys im sorry. I misunderstood. The bulls I saw were grandsons of Connealy Onward and great grandsons of Emulation EXT. I got mixed up. They are actually out of EXAR Onward 682. There were three bulls. They all had the same sire, but different dams. They had pretty good epd's and good pedigrees.
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    Feedlot Capacity And Long-Term Profitability

    Interesting article cbcr. I do agree that the beef industry is getting smaller. Same as farmers.
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    Camp Cooley is for sale.

    I have spent many summers on that ranch. My uncle, Mike Nichols, worked as their ai tech/vet for a while. Nice ranch.
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    Experience with these bulls??

    This weekend I went to a sale and saw some sons from these bulls. Connealy Onward: N Bar Emulation: Does anyone have any experience with these bulls??
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    What bull would you put with brangus cows

    I would like to see the calves that those cows throw from a hereford :D
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    Weaning calves before selling

    We do the same. Only calves that get grain are our replacement heifers we are holding on to. With grain and beef prices up, it is profitable.
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    Two New Hereford Heifers

    Me too. I am always open to learning and constructive criticism. :D I can accomplish a lot more by learning from you guys.
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    Two New Hereford Heifers

    Their dams were commercial herefords. Sire is registered. GIve me some time and i will dig up his registration number. I went and looked at em last weekend and looked at the dams and sire and also the epd's on the sire. He had a moderate birth weight and decent yearling and weaning weights. The...
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    Two New Hereford Heifers

    Picked up two new hereford heifers this weekend. They are last march's calves, so they are almost exactly a year old. What do you guys think? First Heifer Second Heifer I know I cut the a** off the second heifer when I uploaded the pics. Hopefully Dun will come along and resize for me :D
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    Poll for commercial cow/calf producers

    Ok I've got a question. Do black baldies have problems with their eyes like herefords do?
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    Uniform Herd vs. Several Breeds.

    Saw one of the local commercial cattlemen at the feed store today. He has a great looking herd of angus cows and will run different breeds of bulls over them and sell all the calves as terminals and when he gets ready for replacements he runs a angus bull over em. So all his mama cows are all...
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    Black Hide Pays More?

    Have ate a fair share of Limo too and it was fine beef Texasbred.
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    Black Hide Pays More?

    Alacowman do you think of angus as somewhat of a trend? And im not bashing angus by any means. I have some and they are fine cows. This isn't about angus, but about black hide. But its funny that people who know nothing about beef or the industry are such big angus pushers. For example, these...
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    Black Hide Pays More?

    I do agree with you there alacowman. It does bring more money and a commercial cattleman needs to do what he can to get the most money out of his cattle. Its just funny how it works. I take quite a few to the sale barn, but i do sale to some customers directly as well.