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  1. catl

    $2.25 per pound

    BullLady,the prices may stay up for awhile around here because of the wet weather.More buyers than sellers right now.I've got some that will be ready in about 60 days if i can get in there to get 'em out.I had about 30 mins. of sun today.2.75 in. rain last night.The weather liars say it may...
  2. catl

    Lil Red Bramer Ruby

    Hey Caustic,I think i can almost see a little hump.Nice variety of cattle.Glad to see some cattle that aren't all red or black.Is that a black one in the back right?Not the whiteface but the one to the left of it.Good cows and a nice looking bull.have a nice day.
  3. catl

    $2.25 per pound

    Yes,there was a couple roping steers that went thru but they go by the head down here.300-400 pounds about 200 to 300 dollars per head on average.
  4. catl

    Hillary for president..........again

    Maybe we need to know more about this cafta.Is that going to help or hurt us cattle producers :?: ;-)
  5. catl

    another mineral question

    Keep the salt blocks out.If they get enough salt in the mineral ,then they won't lick the blocks but i've never heard of them gettin' too much salt.When they have had enough they quit. :roll:
  6. catl

    used guardrail

    Darold,I saw some in the Adsack or Caller Times the other day.After i read your post i went back to look for it and can't find it.I believe the guy was in the Sweeny Switch area.If i see the add again i'll get back with you.Have a nice day.
  7. catl

    Brace For A Big Jump At The Pump, Experts Say

    $50.00 a bale? :shock: :roll:
  8. catl

    Brace For A Big Jump At The Pump, Experts Say

    If i had a 510 gal.tank ,i don't think i would have enough money to fill it up.Gas went up .20 a gal. today. :o
  9. catl

    $2.25 per pound

    I went to the Beeville auction today. 215 pound black baldie fetched $2.25 per pound.Others around 200-300 lbs. were from 1.85 to 2.15 per pound.300-400 good steers around 1.50 to 1.70.Most blacks at that weight were about 1.35 to 1.60.Not much out there under 500 pounds for less than a dollar a...
  10. catl

    American group wins injunction to keep border closed to catt

    Totally right Bez.We do have a connection that has lasted for years and years and hopefully it will continue to last ,for we are great neighbors and friends.Have a nice day.
  11. catl

    Senator John Glenn &Metzenaum

    Not to loud. You might offend a few people on here that think the taxpayer owes them a free ride... ;-)
  12. catl

    Another One

    Congrats.................. :arrow: :mrgreen: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  13. catl

    Show me the money

  14. catl

    Are you an avid camper and hunter

    Pattie had been livin' in east Texas (i think around Paris) before her move.They had an artical about the attack in our local newspaper because she had lived down near the Gulf Coast.They also said at the time that black bears don't go after meat but they found out differently.By the way,you...
  15. catl


    Ollie,i didn't know you had a grocery store.How much do you get for a 12 oz.ribeye and how about your futures,say about april? Thanks for asking. :) :) :lol: :lol:
  16. catl

    Cattle Photos

    Cattle Rack, he looks like one of my bulls (Limi).Good lookin' bull.Ya wanta double your money on him when the gates open? 8)
  17. catl


    No,you've got it wrong, we run all the queers back up to Pa.
  18. catl


    I don't think that's true.If it were ,you would be here. :P
  19. catl

    American Black Hereford Association

    Hum! Tex from Kansas. :shock:
  20. catl

    Little operation ,medium operation, big operation

    Strike two Jake. Land prices going down,hobby farms feeding the people.To me an operation is anything that has an impact on our economy.