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  1. puzzled in oregon

    Heifers back line

    Why does this heifer have such a noticeable drop in her back line ? I have seen cows that have a slope to the tail, but not such an abrupt drop. I sold her because of her "Chicken Little" the sky is falling reaction to changes in routine. But the backline was also a part of the decision to...
  2. puzzled in oregon

    4 1/2 Months later

    How's he doing ?
  3. puzzled in oregon

    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    Hmmm, my cousin just sent me this. Hope the link works okay.
  4. puzzled in oregon

    Pendleton Angus

    Are any of you familiar with the Pendleton Angus? A friend of mine has a 4 year old bull that her cousin(?) picked up for her a few years ago, and she was told more recently that this line is a little hard to find and that she should find some nice angus heifers to run with him. He looks like...
  5. puzzled in oregon

    ill mannered bull

    I have been around cattle my whole life, during that time I have had two young(yearling bulls) at different times that were mean to calves. The young bull I have now tries to keep the calves away from their mothers even when the cow is not going through her cycle. The other evening he was...