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  1. whitewing

    Herbicide question relative to corn and grain sorghum

    My usual grain planting here in Venezuela involves only grain sorghum. This year I'll be planting about 120 acres of grain sorghum but will also plant about 35 acres of white corn. I know very little about corn production. The recommended herbicide products (which are now really hard to find...
  2. whitewing

    Best source for spare parts, John Deere 2010

    This one's a project. Who would most likely have spare parts for a JD of this age?
  3. whitewing

    JD 4640 and 4630 tractors

    Interested in taking a look at these two. Will be used mainly for plowing. Told by the owner that both are 4 x 2. I have no idea of the overall quality of the individual tractors, though the owner, of course, says they're in great shape. :cboy: Any of you guys own one of these beasts? What...
  4. whitewing

    I need help processing raw soybeans!!!

    Here's my problem. I can't find processed soybean meal here but I can find raw soybeans. I'm taking delivery this week on about 7,000 lbs of raw soybeans which have been recently harvested. The beans are dry, but otherwise have not been processed in any manner. I'll store them initially but...
  5. whitewing

    So I bought a mineral mix supplement for my cattle

    When I purchased it I asked the guy at the feed store how much to apply....."just sprinkle some on as you lay out the feed", was his reply. I was in a hurry so I figured that when all else fails, just read the directions for proper application. Guess what....there are none. Venezuela. I'm...
  6. whitewing

    Fertilizing question

    Late yesterday afternoon we got a good shower on my grain sorghum (it's about 15 days since sprouting) so I decided to fertilize this morning. My soils are basically a sandy loam and the terrain is fairly hilly. I broadcast both urea and 10-20-20. Of course I was hoping for another shower...
  7. whitewing

    Question re urea versus fertilizer on grain sorghum

    From what I've read on the internet, grain sorghum responds well to nitorgen applications. I've planted about 50 acres, the seedlings are now about 12 days old, and with the next rain intend to broadcast about 125 lbs per acre of urea. During a phone conversation the other night with a friend...
  8. whitewing

    Someone locally recommended PROWL herbicide on grain sorghum

    Don't know anything about it. Recommended?
  9. whitewing

    A question about grain sorghum

    After a two month wait I was finally able to secure 15 sacks of grain sorghum for planting. This should be enough to seed 15 hectares or about 37 acres. Our "winter", or rainy season is well underway and I'll get this stuff in the ground as quickly as possible. With a bit of luck, I should be...
  10. whitewing

    Heston 1070 baler

    How old is such an animal likely to be? I saw one this morning sitting in front of the place of a fellow I custom baled for last season. He's one of those guys who is never happy with a job. I felt I busted my tail extra hard just to please him but I guess he's now figuring he can do the work...
  11. whitewing

    Herbicide question - Bentazon + MCPA

    What the heck is it? Sold here under the name of Basagran MS60. Told it was for broadleaf but I really need some more details on the stuff. I can look it up in Spanish, but frankly, my eyes will probably bleed trying to read it. :D Anyone?
  12. whitewing

    Questions about baling grain sorghum

    I've got an offer to bale grain sorghum, something I've never done, and was wondering if you guys could provide some words of wisdom. The crop will be harvested within a few weeks. Once harvested, the owner wants to wait a few more weeks to see what kind of rainfall we get and what kind of...
  13. whitewing

    Senepol Cattle Show - San Mateo, Anzoategui, Venezuela

    These are photos from the first national show held by the newly-formed Senepol Association of Venezuela. Nice lookin' bales of bermuda. Guess who the lucky guy was who won the contract to supply bales for the show? :D
  14. whitewing

    A herbicide question for you experts....

    I´ve got a client who wants me to plant about 10 acres in bermuda for him. He first wants to kill a tropical grass growing on the place with glyfosan a systemic herbicide which I´m sure is a glyphosate-based product....this stuff kills everything green. How long after it´s applied to the...
  15. whitewing

    Another great custom baling opportunity!

    One rainy Saturday morning after visiting one of my custom baling clients I decided to stop and visit with two brothers and their sister who have a ranch on the other side of the river from mine. I've known them casually for a year or so but they have a reputation for being "distant" with...
  16. whitewing

    Another silage question for you experts....

    Would a mix of bermuda and grain sorghum (milo) make for good silage? I ask because I'll be producing both this winter and was also considering trying out a new contraption that makes silage in bags. The final product would weigh about 45 kilos per bag (~100 lbs).
  17. whitewing

    Eradicating guinea grass in bermuda.

    I'll be visiting a client in the morning to look at his bermuda and am pretty sure what I'll find....lots of guinea grass and other bunch-grasses in the bermuda. I looked at this place last year while delivering bales to them (a horse riding, tourist-type place) and found plenty of guinea grass...
  18. whitewing

    Tordon herbicide...anyone with experience?

    I have traditionally used a a broadleaf herbicide called Potreron, which when I googled it, I came up with Paraquat. Potreron was formerly sold by a company called AgroIslena. Now that the gubmint has nationalized AgroIslena, it is next to impossible to find Potreron. I can find Tordon...
  19. whitewing

    A few photos of my recent activities.

    I've been busy. Really busy. Where all these folks bought bales before I started baling, I don't have a clue.....I can't make them fast enough. And so far it doesn't much matter what I'm baling.....they want 'em, or need 'em. Perhaps it's this tough summer that's producing the demand...
  20. whitewing

    Yanmar tractors, anyone ever own one?

    Are they even sold in the States?