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    Help grow your is the campbells website. Click on the little red barn and they donate 1.00 to National FFA. You can click daily if you want. Go support FFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Misty
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    help grow your soup click here and campbells soup will donate $1.00 to National FFA. You can click daily. Please send it to everyone you know.
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    Grow your soup dot com

    Campbell's soup will donate $1.00 every time you click on the red barn on their website to FFA. go to and click daily!! Thanks.
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    I don't understand

    My son showed his steer at a very small show this evening. He won his class. His weight is 1320. He needs about 75# to be finished. The judge said, "this is the heaviest muscled, biggest topped, biggest stifled and biggest boned steer in the class. But at 1320, he is too big for industry...
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    FFA Heifer

    Here is picture of the FFA Heifer. She has come a long way from the initial pictures.
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    July picture

    Here is a picture taken today of the steer....Almost Famous. I posted pics for "April Pictures" thread if anyone wants to see his changes.. Please tell me what you all think!!! Good or Bad, just be nice about it. :D well I can't post the link........
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    Kirk Stierwalt school in CO

    Hey all, the Kirk Stierwalt school this weekend the 23rd, 24th and 25th has been moved from the Crowley County Fairgrounds to the Rocky Ford Fairgrounds in Rocky Ford Co. There are still a couple more openings available. For more information you can contact Curt or Susan Russell at...
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    New breeding heifer ... fy/Hootch/ She is a simmi cross heifer bred to 6I6 from Select Sires. They picked up their FFA heifer wrangle heifers Feb 10th, well to make a long story short, they were horrible. Many it seems were too small to be breeding soon. So the FFA...
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    April Pictures!! ... er/006.jpg ... er/004.jpg This is my son's steer. He has just put him on a finishing ration, we weighed him today and he is 1130#. We show the middle of August. Fire away. I know the hair is really dead...
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    New baby ... puser/2509 This is a heifer out of Preeminant from Select Sires...Born 3.13.08. We didn't weigh her, but guessing around 60#. She just gets prettier every day.
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    updated pictures ... puser=6589 ... puser=6589 ... puser=6589 These photos were taken Sunday. We weigh in on Saturday Gary was out today and is guessing he is about 850. Probably a much...
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    Heifer Wrangle

    My son (Luke) caught a heifer at the FFA day heifer wrangle contest at National Western Stockshow. :D :D :D :clap: :clap: Question for the CO crowd; Who in Meeker is a huge sponsor of the program? His sponsor is from Meeker and he is going to get his heifer February 10th. I am anxious to...
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    I am so happy

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    2008 calf ... puser=6589 ... mit=recent Here is my son's calf for the 2008 show year. He is an Almost Famous calf.
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    Colorado State Fair

    Did anyone from CO on here show yesterday at the Colorado State Fair? If so how did you all do???
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    Fair Results ... puser=6589 ... puser=6589 ... puser=6589 We had our fair, sale is tonight, but here are the results Big Boy and luke, won their class, but were just too big for the final...
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    the big ol' boy....

    Weighed 1446 today at weigh ins.....But he looks good...really good.....
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    11 days until fair!!! ... puser=6589 Here is the big guy. I just love him!!!
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    Oh Joy

    My son showed his steer Friday night and placed 3rd overall. No I don't have pictures, forgot the camera. Anyway, our "real" fair is 30 days from now. We weighed him last night and he is ....1425 and still not finished!!! We have added some corn to his ration. Our beef leader said he has 3...
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    pic of heifer

    trying to post a picture ... puser=6589