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    my ffa advisors make me courantine after every show i go to and they wont let me put up shade which is makin her loose hair wat should i do to get shade
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    bw for 1st calf

    how low should the bw for a first calf be is 85 to high???????????
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    this image im trying to deleted

    image gone
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    how do u get ur animal to grow a lot of hair in a warmer climate that is usually in the 60-70s degree weather
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    what do u think

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    are the only blowers made by sullivans
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    is it bad to ai a heifer for its first calf?
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    how to tell if ur animal has it and how to treat it?????????
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    amount of water drank

    does a cow that has drank a good amount of water handle better than a thirsty cow?
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    weather affect

    can weather affect the behavior of a heifer. the last couple days its been cloudy/a lil windy and shes been acting very bad. she doesnt want to walk and goes crazy wen i try to make her but before shes been a big puppy
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    does anyone know of a website that have pictures of really expensive steers and heifers?
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    heifer stop and go

    when i walk my heifer she walks like 30 feet and then stops what do i do to fix that
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    blind calf

    my friend has a blind steer do u think it will be bad to show?
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    which is better to feed a show heifer? give me reasons for good and bad THANKS
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    oat hay VS alfalfa

    which is better to feed to a show heifer? could u give me some reasons for both good and bad THANKS
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    y do bulls have that big hump by there neck. all the bulls on here have them. y?
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    my maine X angus heifer tear her up

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    diagram of beef

    does anyone know of a good beef diagram to study for a heifer in the showring
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    what do u think of my heifer

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    tail heads

    what should a good tail head look like?