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  1. EasTex

    Qail, Pheasant, Grouse hunters.

    Around here, fire ants wreak havoc on ground animals
  2. EasTex

    Is there any relatively easy treatment for acorn toxicity?

    Are there breeds that can handle acorns better than others? I have a lot of oak trees and don’t plan on cutting them down.
  3. EasTex

    Thanksgiving Pasture

    Looks good!!
  4. EasTex

    When to put out hay

    Put my first roll out last week.
  5. EasTex

    Let's see em...

    Most big deer ranches in south Texas have A&M biologist on site. All harvested deer have to be taken to their station to be weighed, measured, aged. And it better not be a young buck or you will most likely be fined.
  6. EasTex

    Big Buddy heater

    I have the Little Buddy Heater and it works good. I have the hose connection for the big propane tank. I use it at our deer lease cabin a lot. Came in handy during the big freeze last February when Texas lost power. It goes through the small propane bottles pretty quickly when you have it on...
  7. EasTex

    Throw him out!

    The vaccine will not keep those doctors and nurses from spreading COVID to the immunocompromised
  8. EasTex

    Throw him out!

    How did he put people in jeopardy?
  9. EasTex

    Bitcoin News and updates

    So how do you cash that Dogecoin in for real money?
  10. EasTex

    I want a piece of that

    Is Jeff your life partner?
  11. EasTex

    Today's project

    Today’s Pressure treated wood don’t last like the old stuff. Better to apply some other sealant to it. Used motor oil works good or linseed oil.
  12. EasTex

    A new adventure

    Praying for you
  13. EasTex

    Mederna shot side affects

    I sorry that is happening to your wife. I am praying for her to get well.
  14. EasTex

    Need selling advise.

    Good, I use to check it everyday. Hated to see them go.
  15. EasTex

    Need selling advise.

    I thought they stopped selling cattle on that site and went to strictly market reports?
  16. EasTex

    Tenderizing Beef

    Works good for tenderizing beans as well
  17. EasTex

    If you were starting a new herd from scratch..

    Did you get them from J&J? I have been thinking about getting something from them, just wondering how they are to deal with. I see they lease bulls as well, might be what I do when the time comes.
  18. EasTex


    Fence what size is your pond?
  19. EasTex


    That’s some really green water Murray