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    New hay field

    Is there any opportunity to get some use (grazing) from what is there now? Given a choice I would rather run as much as I could through a cow before I ran it through a bushhog and burned. Of course water, fence and location are a consideration. It's your cat to skin.
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    electric fencer and weather

    Ditto Cyclops! Set it up with good grounding and fiber posts. Back into it and hit High C........
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    I would remind anyone an election is not over based on how someone feels, or forecasts from behind a microphone, TV camera or bullhorn. Am I the only one who would like to know how many of the 35 judges who could not accept evidence offered as proof were democRATS? It does not bother me in the...
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    SmokinM- Was your tongue in your cheek when you wrote that first line? Enjoy the day....
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    A blessed and happy Thanksgiving; especially to those heavy of heart and far from home.
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    I believe it safe to say Wikipedia has an ideological inclination to left or democratic party point of view. The Epoch Times , on the other hand, will appeal more to the more conservative mind set. Wikipedia will let you know how 'unbiased' they are but it is much harder to find a review...
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    This may be 'off-topic' but are there any of you who read The Epoch Times ? It is an unabashadly conservative newspaper. Look into it please. I think it may be a ''for a time such as this?" paper. We will endour!
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    to Silver and those of that ilk # I had family on both sides at Saratoga. Two grandfathers, four uncles. two uncles by marriage. one being a captain under Colonel McKay . On the other side I had a gr uncle and several cousins from Litchfield CT. My 6th gr uncle deeded land to my 5th gr...
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    Bow hunting

    CB, I never met Ben Pearson either but after viewing your video I consider it my loss. He was a craftsman by any definition. Thank you for sharing. LVR
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    Simme , I salute anyone who can anyone who can " offend" a Tory (Liberal) with your directness and finess!
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    Bow hunting

    I wish I could forget the number of ass and hip shot dead and dying deer I have come upon from bow hunters. I grant you there are some who are masters of the craft and I have had the pleasure meeting a couple or more. The most are about as competent as Pocohantas Warren would be with a bow...
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    It might be prudent to maintain vigil on how many , if any, of those in control are contacting the virus and more importantly of those contacting and subcoming to the virus! Thus far I am not aware of anyone in a position of high power contacting and dying from the virus. Some may have...
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    We all have to die at least once, It's that 2nd time that's a bummer.
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    Is this True?

    Actually you can delete (on paper) but in real life, ''You can never undo a do"
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    Temporary electric advise

    Using steel posts in an electric fence "is" dancing with an ugly woman.
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    Coloration genetic question for you knowledgeable folk!

    S> You indicated sires were solid red. Purebred Red Angus or ?. Purebred Red Angus have recessive genes for color which means their calves will tend to be marked like the cow. I am working with Red Angus over Corriente (spotted) and have bred up to 7/8th red spotted calves. That is 7/8...
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    Hot wire fencing issue

    DB, You said the ground rods are galvanized. Is the ground wire from the energizer to the rod also galvnized? Rod and ground wire should match. Also besure ground clamps are not corroded. Also check every insulator for cracks and replace any showing signs of deterioration. 7 years is good...
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    Solid Panel Gates

    Like most of you I base my responses accordingly to my own history. If i have a gate high enough to get under sooner than sooner I will have a cow or most likely a yearling go under and fold the pipes in the process. I am at the point of bad knees, hips (older than dirt) so an over the top...
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    Pickups Then and Now

    Not to worry. If things keep going the way they seem to be heading we will be lucky to have '3 on a tree', vacum wipers or the mule to pull it when fuel gets too high. The dirty thirties will be back before we get out of the gasping twenties.
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    Rotational Grazing

    Aldaco > I believe you know (without my input) what is not working. To help you down a path that works for you I recommend you subscribe to GRASSLAND FARMER magazine. Whilst every article (or issue) may not apply to your particular circumstance you will find gemstones of information that if...