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    weaning issue-first time to do this

    Working on weaning 3 calves across 2 strands of electric fence that the whole herd has has been well-trained to....up until now. The 2 heifer calves are doing just fine, but the steer calf is somehow managing to crawl under/jump over/run through-I haven't caught him in the act yet. They are...
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    newbie question-disc harrows

    I'm looking at putting in some small food plots for deer (1 acre-ish) as well as adding some winter cover crops to improve my soil. Last winter, I scraped up long rows with the teeth of my 6 ft box blade and then over-seeded with winter wheat and clover using one of those scatter seeders you...
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    (cheap) scales set-up?

    Bought a scales kit off amazon for $170 and built a wooden platform for it. Good news is it's accurate and crazy cheap compared to traditional scales. Bad news is that it has to be on a flat surface to work. My baseline plan is to pour a 3" thick concrete pad in the alleyway leading up to my...
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    who tans cowhides?

    Anyone know where I can get a cowhide tanned? Suspect I'll have to ship it somewhere. I'm located in North Texas. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    let go to seed for optimum growth?

    I'm in south central Oklahoma with native grass/weeds pasture. I'm rotating cows on and off an 8 acre area, trying for optimum grass growth and trampling down brushy weeds. It's slow work but maybe making progress? They've been off for about 5 weeks and grasses are back up to 12"+ and prob...
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    Banded bull-calf-when do problems occur?

    Just banded my first bull calf at about 4 months old. He’s 5 days out, vaccinated, acting normal, and sack is dusky/dark and smaller already. Is there a timeframe where they are most likely to have problems with infection?
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    watering rig for calves

    First calving season and have 3 x 3 week bull calves running around. Didn't quite realize that, unlike baby humans, calves need water in addition to milk. Fortunately we've had a wet few weeks and there is standing water. But as I start pasture rotation, my only consistent access is a 6 foot...
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    hiding calves!

    You guys never told me cattle hide their calves! :). Super excited that my heifers put first calf on the ground this weekend! Bought them at 6 months old and have never done anything like this before in my life (almost started a thread called, "remember your first calf?"). I was up in a tree...
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    how to tag/vaccinate a few calves? (technique)

    Lord willing, I'll have 3 calves on the ground between late February and end of March/early April. I'm a newbie so when it comes to vaccinating them, how do you do it? I have a bare bones working pen with a headgate. Heifer moms are pretty calm (so far-I'm ready for them to get more...
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    my house attracts yellow jackets and ladybugs

    My house currently has maybe 500 wasps just walking all over the siding of my house. Same with about 1000 ladybugs! I've got dead ladybugs and wasps on every windowsill in my house as some of them trickle inside through ? cracks and holes somewhere. Anyone have any ideas for repellant? why...
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    Don’t want a bull, but...

    Got 3 heifers ready to breed. Not liking ai because Don’t live with these cows and don’t think I can sync them, plus 60+% conception...but I’m nervous about owning a bull. Internet makes them sound like they are man-crushing, equipment destroying monsters. And we let both our kids (13&15yrs)...
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    Protein vs fat for weight gain

    Newbie here. Four Yearling heifers going through their first winter. Tons of standing forage plus protein tub. 20% protein Tubs are being licked but I’m watching their condition start to drop. Mineral is available. Add a 2nd tub?, supplement with cubes?, do I need to add a higher fat supplement?
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    Heifer leaking urine

    Heifer leaking urine I’m looking at my heifers today, and one of them has a constant drip drip drip of clear urine and down her tail. She looks comfortable otherwise, healthy, eating well. I don’t have easy access to our vet. Just noticed this today. Suggestions? Thanks!
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    working freaked out heifers-tips?

    So my 4 heifers have been skittish since I bought them. Will come close and a couple will eat from my hand, but any little quick movement and they jump back startled. Built pens around my only water source and feed them occas in the pens as well. Went to run them through my headgate (just to...
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    mature johnsongrass analysis

    Just got my first forage analysis on my 6 ft stands of slightly browned Johnsongrass leaves. Had good rain maybe 2 weeks prior but collected 9/15. Thought someone else might be interested. Crude protein: 12.2% ADF 37.8%, NDF 63.6%. TDN 52.9%. My interpretation-could be worse...so keep...
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    almost same question as soggy bottom, but oats/wheat/clover

    I'm a city boy learning as I go. I'm in southern Oklahoma where we got good rain 2 weeks ago over several days and the soils still has decent moisture. For working the soil, all I've got is a box blade so I set the teeth as low as possible and shallow scraped to plant a few acres of a cool...
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    my first heifers! and help w/ BCS

    Seems like forever but I finally got my first 4 commercial RA heifers! Had em since May on native grasses only. They aren't dead yet so I think that's a win! Gonna start supplementing so can y'all with more experienced eyes help me w/ BCS? I'd like to track it through the winter (or until I...
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    another johnsongrass question

    Newbie to cattle here. Just moved my 4 heifers from one 8-acre pasture to another. They grazed their preferred native grasses down to about 10-12 inches or so. Have loads of 6 ft tall johnsongrass all over. They stripped leaves off of maybe 40% and ate some stalks. But have prob 2 acres...
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    checking cows - pick apart my plan :)

    I'm sure there are tons of factors here, but I talk to lots of people who check their cows daily. On the other extreme, I've talked with some (mostly open range or tons of acreage people) who turn their cows out for "seasons" at a time without a thought. I'm experimenting/gambling with my 4...
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    johnsongrass summer advice

    Finally got my 1st 4 heifers on a 55 acre pasture. Maybe up to 10% of my grass is big stands of 5-6 ft high johnsongrass. There is no way my few cows are going to eat all of it this summer. I'm in southern Oklahoma. I've read lots of articles that say, "drought/freeze stress creates more...