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    Update on rotational grazing

    I don’t think I would be adding anymore cattle.......
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    newbie question-disc harrows

    If it’s hard packed And no OM then I would probably break it up as well. The key to throw and mow is having a thatch to work with. Here’s my plot that the ground has never been broke.
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    Shooting Cow....

    I can get close to her no problem, it’s just when you try to work her she goes nuts. I usually use the “buddy system” when working them or loading but it doesn’t work with her. The last time I did it she had several cows with her and instead of going with the rest down the alley, she laid on her...
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    Shooting Cow....

    To give a little background to the situation, I have a cow that is nuts. Not long ago I was running cows through the alley and in the process of all that she completely destroyed a gate and got out. She was the only one that didn’t get bred this time and the other day she decided to ram the...
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    newbie question-disc harrows

    Just to give you an alternative to think about but you really don’t need to break the ground. My brother in law and I do about 5 acres or so by just spraying glyphosate, waiting a couple weeks then broadcasting the seed and then just simply mowing. We plant winter rye, Oats, Austrian Winter...
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    Hay unroller

    How good is the hay? How many head did you roll out a bale for?
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    Bull Banding

    If I’m going to slit the sack (which I don’t) then I’m just going to rip them out. I just band and call it a day.
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    Temp electric fence I need advice just arrived

    From watching the second video, you are making progress. They went up and stopped so the fence did it’s job. Some cows it only takes getting bit once to learn, some it takes a few more times. Most will learn after a few times so it really is just easier to get rid of any that don’t. The last...
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    My Dog

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    Food plots

    Plot is still doing good with the moisture we’ve been getting. I will probably shoot this guy if he shows up while I’m hunting. I normally get a lot of bucks come in from other areas during the rut so who knows what will happen.
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    Hereford Bull /Angus cow question

    So what about no white showing up on the crossbred calves?
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    Hereford Bull /Angus cow question

    It will be interesting to see what others say. The red doesn’t surprise me at all. I found out this year that quite a bit of my black cows have a red gene. What does surprise me is that solid colors and no white at all, especially on the head somewhere.
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    Storm clean up

    I’m certainly not an expert but I have read that putting a lot of wood mulch on grass fields/pastures can tie up soil nitrogen and can make soil acidic but I think it really depends on how much your putting down?
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    Food plots

    Can’t beat that. I have a turkey blind that looks like that stand. It’s an inconvenience having to set the coffee down to grab the shotgun. Lol.
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    Food plots

    Anyone do food plots for deer? Mine isn’t doing bad this year. I let the grass get about a foot or so high, sprayed it at the beginning of August, waited a couple weeks and broadcasted the seed into the dead stand and mowed it. We have got a good bit of rain since so that helps! I did...
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    Thought I dodged a bullet

    Had three out of around 20 animals get it this year. One was a red white face calf and the other were two solid Black cows. I vaccinated before and treated after with benign neglect. The white face calf cleared it and her eyes look perfectly normal. One cow cleared it very quick and is normal...
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    F-150 Ecoboost

    I had a 15’ with the 3.5 and it was a nice truck. I ended up going to a f250 and now a f350 but if I ever got another 1/2 ton it would be a F-150 with 3.5 eco.
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    Rotational Grazing Questions

    I guess I don’t understand why you would want to start with stockers if you want a cow-calf operation? What “cobwebs“ need worked out? As mentioned, I would not create a bunch of permanent paddock divisions. Use electric for creating paddocks as much as possible. Make sure you have a good...
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    Which one?

    I like the blue.
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    Grilling Lean Beef ?

    I don’t know anything about crock pots. I can ask my wife?