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    Weaning calves

    All of our beef calves are in the 6-7month old age. We just ran the herd through the chute last weekend to vaccinate and bull calves were cut. Would like to wean them soon but wondering how long after working them we should wait. Mostly concerned about the added stress on the calves that were...
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    Finishing steers soon

    We have a few beef steers that are going to the butcher at the end of December. They are about 17 months old right now. Starting this summer they have had all the ground corn they can eat with 32% protein pellets mixed in (roughly 2lbs of pellets per animal) as well as pasture/grass hay...
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    Jersey cow and calf

    We have one jersey cow that we are treating as a beef cow. She just calved yesterday and today I see that her calf has very watery scours. Is it likely that it's from mommas rich milk? Our other beef calves (that are actually beef breeds) have been fine since they were born 1-2 weeks ago. I...
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    Is this frostbite?

    We are in northern US and it has gotten bitter cold this week. I have a 2+ month old calf that is still with mom and with the herd. They have shelters but they aren't in them much. I noticed the calfs ears suddenly look different today. She's black but now the upper part of her ears look a...
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    16 day old calf...bad poop?

    I'm wondering if this is likely scours or if it is ok yet. Its looser than what I am comfortable with but it's still got some substance to it. Until a few days ago her poop was very very dark brown and was very hard. She almost seemed a bit constipated. She has been on her dam since day one and...