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  1. SPH

    Some Hereford Pictures

    Some photos from the past couple weeks. Won't post any specific info on pedigrees/sires or such unless someone asks. Won't lie, our pastures are pretty plush right now because we had a bunch of snow over the winter then a very wet spring of rain so cows are in very good condition right now as...
  2. SPH

    Price on used chute?

    Not sure which forum to post this in but any idea what an older cattle chute like this one is worth? This is not a picture of the actual chute but it is nearly identical in design. The steel is in good shape, probably needs a couple new wood floor boards but the whole chute looks just like the...
  3. SPH

    How well does your bull load on the trailer?

    I'm in awe of this video for more than 1 reason. First being how many here would love to have their bulls load like that and 2nd that is a 7 year old bull that looks like he has held up well over the years. https://twitter.com/wieseandsons/status/1028005579648847872 We pulled our 4 year old...
  4. SPH

    Red Baldy Program

    Found this press release interesting: https://hereford.org/2018/02/leading-be ... y-program/ As a Hereford guy when looking at other breeds I have felt that the Red Angus have been ahead of the game when it comes to cross breeding. I still think that you can't top a good F1 Black Baldy cross...
  5. SPH

    Replacement Heifers

    Only had 6 heifers out of 20 calves last year, these pictures are from late February. All 3 are out of the first calf crop of a 936 son that we bred. Different age and bloodlines on all 3 dams. I have my favorite of the 3 but curious to see what someone on first view of them thinks
  6. SPH

    Ball Licking Cow

    Saw this ad out there, this is hilarious! Creative way to get attention for sure: http://desmoines.craigslist.org/grd/4843967591.html Text to the ad before it's gone:
  7. SPH

    White Radishes

    Some farmers around here will plant white radish as a cover crop which helps loosen up compacted soil. Would this work on a small garden in my backyard too possibly? Anyone tried this before, if I plant them here soon will they compost down with the winter kill by the time I am ready to till...
  8. SPH

    Showing Cow/Calf Pair

    Got this topic idea from a friend's Facebook status. For those of you that have shown over the years do you like showing a cow/calf pair or is it something you don't like/want to do? Growing up dad never liked it when my brother and I wanted to show a former heifer project as a cow/calf...
  9. SPH

    Too Much Rain?

    Last 2 summers here it was too dry due to drought, now it's too wet and flooding and I think the rain has put stress on my tomato and pepper plants. Everything else is thriving, onions, lettuce, green beans, yellow squash, and cucumber plants all look very healthy but noticed the tomato and...
  10. SPH

    Lawn Mowin' Combine

    Came across this browsing YouTube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b49VkSPUSlc Not practical by any means but cool little contraption
  11. SPH

    Spring Pictures

    It's been awhile since I've shared some pictures, hope to get some more pictures now that everything is out in the pasture and happy after the rough winter and cool spring we had. This is one from early April of a week or so old calf. Showed this to a breeder we were visiting this weekend and...
  12. SPH

    Need Some Rain!

    For those of you who pray, we could sure use some prayers for some plentiful rain storms in central Iowa. For a 2nd year in a row now we probably will have to pull the herd from summer pasture this weekend early than usual because the creeks are drying up and may be out of water soon so will...
  13. SPH

    Iowa State Fair Champion 4-H Heifer

    This is not my animal but I am thrilled for the owners as this is the first time ever since the Iowa State Fair started naming a supreme champion 4-H breeding heifer in the late 1990's that a Hereford has won! She is a fine looking heifer too, she is bred and owned and won the national junior...
  14. SPH

    Tomato issue

    So finally got some of my first tomatoes this week and found some that the bottom sides were soft, almost as if they had started to rot and even some of the green ones have this. Any ideas what it could be? Been so dry lately hard to imagine it is a fungus problem since all my other vegetables...
  15. SPH

    Some Photos From the Pasture

    First attempt at doing photos here, hope these work. All but 1 of these (the yearling bull) are from a few weeks ago when we set them out on summer pasture. Hard to believe that this same pasture ran out of creek water by early July last year during the drought which never had happened in over...