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  1. TCRanch

    More than just a pretty face

    Facial recognition for cattle? What will they think of next? http://www.angusbeefbulletin.com/extra/2020/10oct20/1020fp_FacialRecognition.html?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Give+your+cattle+a+passport+to+profitability&utm_campaign=ABB+EXTRA+Oct+2020+Part+A
  2. TCRanch

    Hedge Apples

    On my to-do list: cut down every dang hedge tree. Including any neighbors' trees even remotely near our fence line. Cow love hedge apples! But so do calves. Lost a steer a couple years ago; found him directly under a hedge tree and his mouth was frothy. And I didn't learn my lesson. But...
  3. TCRanch

    Another awesome farm-to-table tour

    Covid put the ranch tours on hold for a while but Creekstone Farms Premium Beef brought some of their customers from Vegas & Nevada out this week. Love being able to participate in educating their customers where their beef comes from: the journey from calving to weaning and eventually the...
  4. TCRanch

    Modified Live and abortion

    So much for a picture perfect weaning. Two of the calves somehow managed to bust outta prison and made it back to the central pasture. One of the dams is a cull, currently shut in the barnyard and she's being sold tomorrow. But the other calf found her mama and was happily nursing away when I...
  5. TCRanch

    260 Bred

    Late notice but just saw there will be 260 bred, solid mouth to older cows for sale at the Winfield Livestock Auction this Wednesday (10/7) if anyone in KS or surrounding is interested or you can bid online. Looks like a dispersal sale. Red & Black Angus bred to Red Angus bulls. There is also...
  6. TCRanch

    Hair whorls and bull fertility?

    Interesting. I've read quite a bit how hair whorls indicate whether a cow is more aggressive or docile but evidently now linking the whorls to bull fertility. Things that make you go Hmmmmm...
  7. TCRanch


    Didn't witness the fight but looks like Johnson was the loser. Yowza! Sent the pics to my vet, prob won't get a response until tomorrow, but I don't suppose there's anything I can do for him other than aspirin (Banamine's out, he's out to pasture). Maybe a liniment?
  8. TCRanch

    Thought I dodged a bullet

    Pinkeye has been horrible around the area this year and a lot of my neighbors have been battling it all summer. Even my vet had an outbreak in his own herd. I vaccinate with an autogenous that targets both moxarella bovis and moxarella bovoculi and had my first case towards the end of July but...
  9. TCRanch

    Trust your gut!

    I've been watching a 5 month old steer the past couple of days. No droopy ears, no snotty nose, no drooling or runny eyes, no heavy or labored breathing, nursing, grazing & will eat cubes. No limping or obvious signs of swelling anywhere. Except he's been on the fringe of the herd, his mama...
  10. TCRanch

    Mangled Tail

    Well, I had minor heart failure today. Went out to fly spray the herd and noticed a steer with blood all over his (formerly white!) face. Seemed perfectly fine, couldn't even find a scrape. Then another calf had blood all over him, then a cow, and another, and another . . . Looked like a...
  11. TCRanch

    Sustain III Calf Boluses

    Woohoo! Almost 2.5 years later the calf boluses are now back on the market - with limited availability. I ordered the cattle boluses yesterday from Valley Vet (already got them today) but the calf boluses were still unavailable. But I went to one of our local Co-Op's today and there was a...
  12. TCRanch

    Abscess - Again!

    I have a 10 year old cow that developed an abscess just above her right lower jaw almost a year ago. Burst a few days after I noticed it and seemed good to go with no treatment. Came back about a month later and this time with another, smaller abscess near her throat, same side. Took her to...
  13. TCRanch

    At the auction!

    Because there's so much negativity, Covid, destruction and this country is divided, I figured a little levity was in order. A friend of mine is a Realtor/Auctioneer who also has cattle. Make sure your volume is on! Full out belly laugh :lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUvYezW5Pro
  14. TCRanch

    Vesicular Stomatitis Virus

    Just an FYI for anyone in KS & surrounding states. Vesicular Stomatitis has been confirmed in horses in my county and counties surrounding. So far I haven't heard of any cattle affected. Lots of links following, probably way too much information but it's something I never knew existed. BTW...
  15. TCRanch

    Notice a trend?

    My cattle have never practiced social distancing; they completely disregard my personal space and my Polaris is like a magnet. Moose is not only obnoxious, he licked my wine-to-go cup. At least he's a happy drunk! Dixie wants to ride shotgun. My "lap bull". Hubby getting mauled by...
  16. TCRanch

    This can't be good

    I think it looks broken but don't want to discount the possibility of an infection. Few years ago we had a bull with a limp, couldn't figure out what was wrong so took him in. Vet shaved around the hock and discovered a scar (see 1st pic). Completely healed on the outside but when he stuck in...
  17. TCRanch


    Naaaaasty coyote right in our driveway. Didn't even try to run when hubby walked out to shoot it. Looked like it was ready to drop dead anyway but at least he put it out misery. Not sure if it's the same 'yote but saw one last winter; I went into the old chicken house to get a small bale and...
  18. TCRanch

    Got some big 'uns this year

    We've had the ranch 13 years and I've never seen so many big softshell turtles. Record amounts of rain the past couple years but right now it's bone dry so not sure why they're coming up from the lake, ponds and creeks. This one's almost as big as a 5 gallon feed bucket. And NO, I did not...
  19. TCRanch

    What am I doing wrong?

    Anybody ever use a compass to determine whether a cow already has a magnet? All my retained heifers get a magnet when they get their BANGS and pelvic measured. Except one of them spit it out - found it about 10 ft. from the chute last winter. My vet said he's never tried it but should be able...
  20. TCRanch

    One more month

    Little bromance? One more month and you're out of prison. Eweee, stop! :hide: