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    Your Census Look Like Mine??

    we have lived here for 26 years. filled out census in1990,2000' pay taxs pay ss, have the same address,,but have not seen a census.
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    Breeding age for bulls

    if you what hiefers that calf at 24 mt. use a bull that will bred at15 mts.
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    Breeding age for bulls

    if you what hiefers that calf at 24 mt. use a bull that will bred at15 mts.
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    Breeding age for bulls

    if you what hiefers that calf at 24 mt. use a bull that will bred at15 mts.
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    Avg. AI success rate?

    we have a.i. for 30 years. in our reg. herd (55 hd.) we stick 85% of a obserd heat.the 15% left we getbred on the next heat we sell the rest. i n the comm. herd we cink 250 yr.hiefers with ciders and 2 shots. ai on heat get 60%. breed . bred time ai on the remaing get 10% preg. then turn out...
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    What do you think it is? (pics)

    johne's disease
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    Pretty ticked off

    any bulls that have l1 domino 75901 or titan 26d have blood lines that are not all hereford.
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    6 yr old Hereford bull

    i don't where to start. i love hereford cattle. the arrow brand all on hereford cattle are from Coopers from willowcreeck mt. Carlson from jamstown nd added arow c. these are both great hereford cattle operations. down here in se tx the hereford do,nt work beacauce of bad eyes and bags. all so...
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    3 Year Old Hereford Bull (photos)

    here i go again. 33% of this bull is his heart foword. no rib and pigmemt on the eyes . i was in the hereford busnus for years. in south tx the sun will kill a cow in 5 years if she do'nt cover her eyes with some color. and our cattle buyers will not buy heavey frouted cattle with no top.
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    6 yr old Hereford bull

    cut the bull at his heart it is about 33% ofwieght the bull . then top side no rib. no pigmemt. this the reason we do'nt have herfords. our family had them for over 50 years.
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    Will cattle go the way of hogs?

    There are two differences between pigs, chickens and dairy. First cattle can graze and they can take the protein of the land and turn it into great amounts of food. Second big corporations cannot afford the capital it takes to own big ranches. There are millions of acres still out in the USA...
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    Worming donkeys...

    we are now donkey poor. we stared out with 3 now we have 13. We use them to keep coyotes off.they do a great job. we worm them 2+ a year with ivomec pouron. If you think you need a donkey and you are in east Texas ,let me know.
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    red angus bulls

    i just heard that one our best bulls in the red angus could be amc. the bull is 5l destination.can any help me find out if is true.
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    Real Breeders

    George thank-you for helping with the spelling. Capt asked what constitutes the difference between abreeder and a multiplier. To me it would be the ones that stood the test of time. Any cattleman that thier famly has sold reg. cattle of the same breed over 50 years are breeders. The rest of are...
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    Real Breeders

    When I posted I used the breeders on the list. I can't undersand why anyone would call the breeders i picked to be muitipliers? On the Hereford K&b, pedeetti, and Jamisson are great cattlemen. K & b are some of the best breeders of Hereford cattle and the most honest. The Angus breeders listed...
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    Real Breeders

    stevnson have the greatest deal. the best place in the world. . they will be here forever. Gard. angus what leader they are. they will out live us all. Sitz great ranch at harrison &dillon.they will last. Cooper &Holden the best hereford cattle ever. all of these ranches will be in hall of fame.
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    What are the odds of a heifer calf born a twin to a bull calf being a free-martin? They were assumed to be from two different sacs?
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    we have use cidrs in our hiefer for 3yrs. we have reued about 80% of ciders. it seem to have almore infections. the cids seem to big for hiefers. we take to clean our ciders. then we have a hard getting the hiefers breed to the bulls. we get about 60% on ai with the cider. but we 15% not...
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    Replacements out of first calve heifers?

    Hello, We here at lm & lcc ai all of ft calf hiefers to bulls that met our demands. ce is one 1rs con. but performist is as taken. We breed about 200 hd and get about 60% rate . Then after 10 days we put out yl bulls raised on the ranch out of reg herd. These are also with low birth wieghts...