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  1. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming were all Free states for a long time before we started having our problems. I'm a commercial producer also, But when I want to expand I would never go to a seedstock producer to get cows. I would go to another commercial producer. Where that producer built that herd...
  2. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    You must mean in Idaho. Montana just got there status back. The thing that irritates us is the fact that if we test positive then they want us to depopulate. if the Feds or state herd gets one they can kill the positive. The titer issues aren't an issue when using RB51 verses the old strain 19...
  3. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    I don't think that is a narrow minded point of view. especially with Brucellosis. But those that don't vaccinate are only thinking of themselves instead of their neighbors and anyone else they are affecting. There always seem to be a few out there that seem to think they are the only ones...
  4. J

    Cattle brands.

    In Wyoming the brands are in a book I don't think that they are available on line. You have to have an inspection if you are crossing county lines. when you register your brand you get a brand card with your brand on it and the location and animals it is registered on. In Idaho you can go state...
  5. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    All I'm saying is Those of us on the Wyoming side of the line have to already bleed all breeding age females 30 days prior to transfer of ownership. The producers on the Idaho side don't have to do anything as of yet. Of course if Idaho doesn't have another herd they wont lose their status. The...
  6. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    I believe if your heifers are going for slaughter they don't have to be vaccinated. But if they go through the ring I know that at least in Blackfoot they will vaccinate them all. Just because you never know where they will end up.
  7. J

    Y Tex Ear Tag ?

    I agree with the tag placement close to the head. In my herd most of the tags getting lost seem to be in the same cows year after year. seems they don't like the adornments a hanging out there. Maybe they just don't like my color scheme. :D
  8. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    supposedly this herd has been vaccinated but he has just assembled them. I don't know what prompted the state to bleed but I assume that it must have been some abortions. I'm 3rd gen in this area and we would never think about not vaccinating. I have bought quite a few cattle the last 10 years...
  9. J

    Brucellosis in Idaho herd.

    About the time things start looking ok another herd in the GYA tests positive for brucellosis. Man isn't this fun living in such a beautiful area. To bad the local scenery don't pay the bills. I'm sure the feds will come up with a good plan for us who live in "the Hot Spot" :frowns:
  10. J

    Orphaned calf What to do?

    I have caught orphaned calves on the range in the summer and got them to suckle a bucket, Not all of them will but sometimes they will I would get the calf in by itself and try to get it to suck. Sometimes they have to get pretty hungry. But it's better than to starve two calves. Or you can...
  11. J

    Cancer Eye Cow

    I would have the vet remove the eye if she is pregnant. then ship her and the calf this fall.
  12. J

    97 F350 vs. Dodge 3500

    Of course I'm not giving a good comparison 95 dodge, 06 poswerstroke. 5 speed vs. 6 speed. No the loads aren't light 24 foot gn trailer I generally haul 11 large frame beef cows, 25 foot dually flatbed usually haul 12 4x4x8 bales. Hauling cows I usually gross out at 29000 lbs. Hay I gross out...
  13. J

    97 F350 vs. Dodge 3500

    The older dodges with a 5 speed can't keep up with a powerstroke, way to big a step between gears. I've got close to 100,000 towing miles on my old dodge. Good old engine but it can't keep up with any powerstrokes I've pulled with. My old dodge gets about 18 mpg, my powerstroke gets about 16.5...
  14. J

    97 F350 vs. Dodge 3500

    I have a 95 2500 with a flat bed 365000 miles. the engine is great not any problems but the Dodge part sucks. always having to fix something. Can't keep the 4x4 actuator working on the front end. Vacuum actuator is dumb idea. what was wrong with lock in hubs? Too many city folks driving pickups...
  15. J

    how meny bulls do you run

    I run 1 bull per 25 cows. put new yearling bulls with the heifers. some years I have ran 15 cows per bull. but 8000 acre forested pasture is hard to get good coverage with your bulls.
  16. J

    Cattle drinking urine

    This just seems like normal behavior in my herd. I feed plenty of salt and mineral. and plenty of water but the cattle still drink out of a slop hole or other cows urine.
  17. J

    is castration worth the trouble?

    I've banded at weaning. I've cut at birth. The gains I have seen are genetic. I've weaned 850 lb. steers and 800 lb. bulls. I just don't see enough difference to make a big deal of it. I think you should castrate when it is easiest for you.
  18. J

    Speaking of bulls.

    I do a BSE on my bulls before turn out. This spring I had a bull that had an infection that looked like a small white chunk under the Microscope. Last year the bull had the same thing but a different vet had said that he would be ok. Hmm wonder why I had 14 opens last fall? Funny thing is he...
  19. J

    Pulling the bull out

    Everyone has different management issues, which gives you different management practices. I pull my bulls in the fall as soon as I can find them after Aug 15. Because I run on USFS range gathering and finding isn't always easy. My bulls are separated and held until breeding season. After the...
  20. J

    Montana Loses Bangs Free Status

    My heart really goes out to my neighbors to the north. Living in the "GYA" ,better known as the Greater Yellowstone Area, makes for raising cattle a lot more challenging. Working with herd management plans, State lines,(states that have different management ideas) and wildlife that help host the...