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    Laminated tire question

    I just did the exact same thing with a Deere 1018. About same miles. The advice I was given was to keep it under 20 mph. It’s an older mower, but well kept. Laminated tires held together, but definitely could tell a difference in the wear on them from when I started. Blacktop all but 3-4 miles...
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    mounting a leon dozer blade

    thanks everyone. I took Ned's advice and got ahold of Leon Mfg. They were excellent and sent me there shop plans to build all the attachment parts for their mounts specific to my tractor. I am a little concerned about the front being attached to the front axle, but that's there engineering...
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    stock trailers

    I know I am probably opening a can of worms, but here it goes. What is the longest lasting brand steel stock trailer? Looking for 20'-24'. I'm in nw Missouri, so rust is the big deal. I've looked at some and the paint and welds look horrible.
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    mounting a leon dozer blade

    Ned, I appreciate the info. Do you remember if you mounted the front to the frame or front axle? I'm going to attach a pic that shows one mounted to the front axle, but that seems a little sketchy to me. Also, from pictures I've been able to find, it looks like the rear hooked in where the...
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    mounting a leon dozer blade

    I found a few pictures online, but nothing close enough to tell exactly. I emailed Leon and they responded with a phone call, but wouldn't help me unless I purchased the mounting kit, which I don't need, at 3 x what i paid for the whole set up. they did send me an owners manual, which all it...
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    mounting a leon dozer blade

    I just acquired a leon 660 dozer blade. Can anyone help with mounting instructions? I'm wanting to mount it on my Case 1175. I think I have the front figured out, but I'm not sure how it mounts to the drawbar. Pictures would be great if anyone has one mounted.
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    english shepard

    I purchased a 8 week old english sheperd pup this fall. He is around 14 weeks old now.I have been keeping him away from stock as he is a little timid when he saw our hogs. He is fairly aggressive when introduced to other dogs and towards our cats (plays rough). I took him on long walk today and...