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    Feedlot Back charging

    What exactly do you mean by dead animals? How long in the feedlot before death? Custom feeding or not?
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    I am wanting to break my donkey to ride, but can't find anything as to an acceptable age to start. He's two years old now. Anyone have any idea when I could start?
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    Best Dog for Cattle?

    I will be moving away from home in a few months and am planning on getting a puppy. In the past we've had blue heelers for cattle dogs, good dogs but didn't listen well. We recently got a 3/4 australian shepherd 1/4 blue heeler, he's in training but looks promising. I was wondering what you...
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    Calving season finally over

    We just had our last calf of the season, yay! Overall, it's been a so-so year. We lost 10 calves, I guess we were making up from last year because we didn't lose anything. Last night, we had a 12 month old heifer drop a calf. Major oops. The heifers were all given lutalyse(sp?) when they...
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    Ear Tag Issues

    Last year we had 2 calves get warts by the button of their ear tags. They got huge and the flies got to them. We cut the tags out and put ointment on the ears to keep flies away. The vet said they most likely got the warts from mom licking the ears (we tag with new tags on the calves every...
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    Beef Magazine Daily Blog

    I was curious if anyone here reads or has read the Beef Magazine Daily Blog and what you thought about it? link:
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    Has anyone heard of or had this breed?
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    Daily Hair Products

    I've tried several different techniques and products. We show purebred Angus and Red Angus animals, we don't use an air conditioner, just fans and a misting system, and don't usually get extreme hair growth. I was curious to what works best for you all?
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    quick question on joint infection

    Does anyone know if an infection in the fetlock joint can cause bone deterioration?
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    Pepto for scours

    Has anyone ever put pepto in a syringe and given it to a calf with scours? Dad started doing this with ours a few years ago. If the calf isn't dehydrated, we give them a syringe full in the mouth, obviously, and then give them some electrolytes. It seems to work as long as they haven't had...