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    Holstein feeder calves

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this question but here goes. We are going to be selling 2 groups of Holstein feeder calves soon. We live in Southeast Iowa and Im wondering if any one knows of a stronger market place than our local area for Holstein feeders? One group of 21...
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    Advice on changing feeding methods

    Hard times have hit our farm and I need to reduce the amount of corn I am feeding to our beef steers. Currently I am feeding full corn rations, protein supplement, and hay. I need to reduce cost of course. I have a very good supply of large round and sm. square bales of good quality hay and...
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    advice on feeding Sorghum

    We were given 20 acres of sorghum this fall. It was used as a cover crop to draw nitrogen. This field had been in native grass for past 7 years, last year they planted sorghum in an attempt to deplete the nitrogen from the ground. I have no experience with this. We rounded baled it, seed head...
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    Shivering calf

    Sorry I haven t taken time to introduce myself, I've been reading silently from afar. But I have a problem that's new to me and I could use some advise. I have a 6 month old calf that is shivering, head drooping, and hanging back from the others. He does not have pneumonia, his breathing is...