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    a horses spirit

    This happens to show horses all the time!!! Some trainers burn their horses out with the yanking, spuring, etc that the horse just can't take it and burns out. First all you need to find out if the horse is hurting. They may be out of alignment or their feet may be sore etc or if the trainer...
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    Daily Hair Products

    We have a very strict schedule of hair care especially with the calves in the cooler for summer. We get up at 4:00 am to get the calves into the show barn and fitting room before the sun comes up. Our calves may only see 1 to 2 hours of day light a day in the summer. We bring them in and...
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    Shampoo vs. Dishsoap

    My husband always used dish soap when he showed calves 15+ years ago. Since our kids are showing I won't let him use dish soap on the calves. Dish soap is designed to trap and strip oil / fat and it is also designed to be used with hot water. We use Clear Choice shampoo with an Ezall foamer...