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    First Load of Bonsmara Cattle Sales This Year

    We sold our first load of 3/4 blood Bonsmara calves last week. The steers weighed 830 lbs and brought $1.41 plus the $60.00 Bonsmara bonus which averages $1,230.30 per steer ( about $1.48 lb with the bonus). There was not any freight or commission since the steers were sold to Bonsmara USA...
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    Exceptional Drought

    Today, Western Oklahoma was officially placed in the "Exceptional Drought" category. That is the worst drought category which exists. We were moderate during the fall, then severe in the winter, then extreme in the spring, and now exceptional to start the summer. It can get drier, so maybe...
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    Black Leg

    I am getting ready to move some cows/calves and heifers into a pasture I recently purchased. I was informed that the previous owner had two or three cows die about six months ago. He sold his herd shortly after their deaths. There has not been any cattle on the property since November. They...
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    Rain in Oklahoma

    On the local OKC television this morning, they stated that Oklahoma's lack of rain for the past nine months is worse than the dust bowl era. We have not had any significant rain since August, 2010. 2010 was a very dry year. I have been reading post on here about the use of hay, cubes, and...
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    Question for the Board

    The clinic where I take my cattle has four vets. My vet was out, so I had a vet one year out of vet school do BSE test on five bulls. He used electroejaculation to conduct the test. He concluded that one of the bulls had a corkscrew penis. It is my understanding from some research at LSU...
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    Sold Steers

    We sold 50 steers on Monday. They averaged 825 lbs and the price was $1.22 per pound plus $65.00 bonus per head for being all natural and Bonsmara influenced. As a result, the steers averaged $1071.50 each F.O.B. our ranch. I do not know how you can pay that much for a steer and make money...
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    Corn, my dad, and old school feeding

    Does anybody have some good links for some research concerning feeding straight rolled corn during the winter to breeding stock? For some reason, my dad feeds rolled corn to all his cows/bulls/calves during the winter. They also get plenty of high grade alfalfa. He warms them up by feeding...
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    2002 Ford Triton V-10 Air Conditioning

    Is it just me, or are all the air conditioning units on these vehicles crap. I bought a used one (from my dad) and the a/c just does not get the job done and we are only in the 90's. It has been checked and checked again; but it is still crap. Any suggestion on how to juice the A/C?
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    GMC Bankruptcy

    Look for GMC to file today. Their bond payments are due and they do not have the money to pay. I suspect it will be another pre-packaged plan like Chrysler. All the stockholders of GMC will be wiped out and the stock will be worthless. The new owners of GMC will be the government, unions...
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    Low Birth Weight Bulls

    I have a relatively new bull that I wanted to get some very accurate birth weight numbers from his calves. I put him on ten cows. Out of the ten calves he sired; eight weighted between 64 and 72 lbs. One bull calf weighed 76. Two bull calves weighed 98 and 104 respectively. I had to pull...
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    Being a new poster to the board. I thought I would post a few pictures I took of my cattle. The heifer with the white tag has now calved. The heifer with the green tag is a 7/8 blood Bonsmara. The Bull is a full blood. Thanks Dun
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    Can Breeding Stock be too tame?

    I have a serious question for the board. Can your breeding stock be too tame? I feed cubes in the winter. I simply open the sack and put the cubes in the trough. Over time, my animals try to help me open the sacks. They have no fear of me. So, can your animals be too tame?