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    Devon/South Devon/Red Poll/Etc etc

    Could anyone out there please help me with the differences between Devon/South Devon/Red Poll or are they all the same animal going by different names? Thanks in advance
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    telephone poles

    I posted this on the breeds board, but feel maybe it would be better suited here. What sort of prep, if any, do I need to do to standard utility poles prior to placing them ground to prevent rotting.
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    Telephone Pole Corner Posts

    Is there any prep that needs to be done to these prior to setting them in the ground to reduce the risk of rotting prematurely?
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    Over the years I have read numerous books pertaining to hunting in Africa. Book after book refer to the unbelievable tracking abilities that some of these bushmen have. Recently I returned back from a trip in British Columbia and although my guide was no bushman he far outclassed me when it...
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    livestock water heater

    This will most likely sound incredibly stupid to some of you folks but here goes. Is there a water that does not run on electricity and will refill from a nearby water source. Obviously it needs to be heated. I have a creek that runs through the property that I can fill with water from a 27...
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    6 year old boy deer hunting

    I have a 6 year old that is just obsessed with being outdoors and being with his dad. I love him for it of course. Last year he and I trapped together and he actually did better than I did on his live traps. This year he has helped me put up every stand and feeder along with broadcasting...
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    Brahma Breeders????

    What is "Golden Certified"?
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    colic in infants

    Anyone have a good home remedy for a baby (human baby) with colic. My 7 week old son has it something fierce. Bad gas pains and a bowel movement every 24 to 36 hours. We spoke to the pediatrician and she said everything is normal, he is just fine and that there is not much to do about it...
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    5 month old calf

    I got a five month old calf that I checked on yesterday and he is walking like his body is incredibly sore. No noticable limp on any leg, but walks like his whole body is hurting. Went out there today, he was laying down, as I got close he got up and slowly made his way to his momma where he...
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    My wife recently purchased her first bovine ever. A longhorn bull.. It is in my photogallery and I have no clue how to bring it over here. If you know how feel free. Let me know what ya'll think. It is on page two in the members gallery.[/img]
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    Ring in nose

    What is the purpose of a ring in a bulls nose?
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    What would you do?

    I have access to some family ground in Southeast Kansas. Approximately 200 acres of which maybe 65 is in timber. Being that it is about a 2 hour drive from my house any, low input, recommendations on what I could put out there for 6 or 8 months out of the year starting early spring and selling...
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    Barrier across a creek

    Does anyone have any good tips on how to run a fence/barrier across a creek. Mine alway seem to get hammered everytime a flood comes through. Pictures would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Photos In Photo Gallery?

    Ok... I was able to upload photos in the photo gallery now how do I get them here?[/img]
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    Uploaded some photos under "kansas" of a few of my Galloways. If you know how to put on here go right ahead. Let me know what yall think, aside from the fact that they are hairy. Two Steers, 2 momma cows, and some bred heifers..
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    I am heading to Saskatchewan next week to do some work. Anyone out there recommend any ranches near Regina to visit?
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    Grass fed vs grain fed

    I had posted earlier about where to butcher steers in Southeast Kansas. Thank you for all of your replies. I have been thinking about it more and had a few more questions I was hoping you fine folks could help me with. -If you didnt know it could you tell the difference between grass fed and...
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    Southeast Kansas Butcher

    Anyone know of a good butcher in Southeast Kansas? Have three steers that need to go in this upcoming fall.
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    Where are they now?

    I love seeing the old pictures of cattle when they were as round as a barrel and not much taller than waist high. I usually see them as angus or hereford. Could someone out there go through the body transitions within any one breed (hereford or angus) over lets say the past hundred years. And...