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    Twins on old cow

    What a woman. Keep that gene pool!
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    Autumn olive leaves

    Hello. Hello. I encourage everyone to destroy these plants. I have a long post about invasive plants in general: these are genetically designed to destroy our forests and pastures and are invading America. Their high sugar content are contributing to birds no longer able to finish their...
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    Angus heifer

    Sweet baby! You are not in Ohio are you? My neighbor is purchasing this breed.
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    Autumn olive leaves

    Hello and ya all have touched on a subject I am a self certified expert; ANY invasive species is detrimental in a variety of ways. In the late 1800s USA began purchasing plants from China. Since then, it has been a nightmare. We live in Ohio and across from a state park: I began noticing my...
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    Cow came up limping

    We had a similar situation: lord told me to sell our bull 6 months ago and I did not. He was only 3 but nearing a ton. Angus out of Champion Hill/Rito dam and Consensus Conneally bull (excuse the spelling). Bull mounted her and rammed her into a gate subsequently breaking her pelvis/severely...
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    What kind of dog is this?

    I've had stranger things happen: Yrs ago i saw a a big dog running thru a field (versus alongside the road). I made up my mind if he showed up at my house he was my mine. 2 weeks later a truck pulled in my driveway and there was that dog hanging out of the back (staring at me and waggin his...
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    Opinion on Angus heifer

    It is so hard to tell with her head down. Could you post another with her head up? Ty. Vanessa
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    Newborn calf front hocks

    Your calf will probably straighten out. I'd be more concerned if it was the backend or just one limb. I've see colts do the same and they straighten out.
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    Took a couple to the slaughter house yesterday...

    Wow. I agree as our daughter works in commercial pig farm op and they are giving Americans .25 cent raises in hope they quit to hire "others". Touchy subject but truthful. Our daughter consistently broke the record for picking pigs for buyers: they cheated her anyways (and she wasn't alone)
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    Spraying hay field

    Hello again. We've bought land and against the advice of neighbors have mowed it early summer and late fall without spraying: the results were amazing. However, many are against this method. This works for us with excellent results. It may take 2 seasons for optimal grass cover but I am 56 yrs...
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    Spraying hay field

    Additionally, you may want to seed. I would soil test as well.
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    Spraying hay field

    Hello. You really don't have to spray. Farmed my entire life and if you simply mow consistently the weeds will lose energy. In the long run, the good things you will avoid killing off will benefit your field and soil.
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    Cut now or wait

    Cut now. Things overall will go downhill if you wait. You will have less nutrients as well if you wait. Also, seize the opportunity while you can. Hope everything works out. l
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    New Here! Hows he look!??

    Hey looking at cattle. You never can tell til the first crop hits the ground; if you are not instantly sold on them, sell your bull. Your photo; take a pic a little lower to the ground and to the rear. He looks like he has stretch and depth of hip. Man O'War didn't produce crap and he...
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    Angus heifer and cat

    Angus heifer.
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    Angus heifer

    Angus heifer.
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    I don't know how you's do it

    Where are you located? We are in Ohio and let me say I've had ya all in our hearts and prayers as I've been watching the weather out West. Hats off to you cause I know you are going through it.
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    aggressive mommas

    Nope. Yours are normal. Some demon blood in those genes somewhere. I am sorry: ship em and wow, what an experience! Vanessa
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    Would anyone keep this cow?

    I had to smile at 'vinyl deficiency ' Had a few cattle in my lifetime as well that I'd swear were O2 deprived at birth!