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    I have house flies terrible and flies on the cows. I was at a farm the other day and the guy mentioned that he has very few flies. This farm has dairy cattle and beef cattle. He said the vet sprays something when there. He didn't say where he sprays or what it is. Does anyone know anything about...
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    bearcat grinder screens

    Does anyone know where I might find screens for my old bearcat grinder? I have one in there but would like to find a little bigger sized so feed isn't ground so fine.
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    Vermeer 604J

    My baler is kinda hard to start a bale with at times. You have to be paying attention that it starts wrapping otherwise youll plug it up. What I am wondering is are the belts suppose to be turning when there is no bale in the baler? Seems once the belts start turning when starting a bale your...
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    Protein Percent

    I am going to feed out 4 steers and 1 heifer to butcher this fall. Going to buy some whole corn and soybean meal. I have a grinder mixer. What percent protein am I looking to mix?
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    Skidsteer tracks

    I am thinking I might buy a set of tracks for my skidsteer to get through the mud this spring in my cow lot. I will be on some concrete so I am thinking I will buy some with rubber pads on them. Over the tire is what I am looking at. Does anyone have any experience with any? What brand do you...
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    Explain this dead calf or try to

    Seven year old cow had dead heifer calf two weeks early. I know these things happen and we will never quite understand what exactly happened but shoot some ideas my way will you? Some of the odd things were she didnt look all loose and sloppy in the back end. Her bag was not very filled out. She...
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    Dead cow, just venting

    I have had 2 cows die in the exact same spot in my barnyard and exactly a year apart, to the day. Next to my fence there is a small dip in the ground. Like an old dead furrow from plowing or something similar. Cow lays down in it, cant move toward the fence because its electric and cant get its...
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    Need new bull

    What do you guys do with your bulls if they are not very old and a good breeding bull but you cant use them in your herd anymore because of their daughters? Sure hate to take a good bull to the salebarn. Ive tried craigslist but that isn't really the best place. Not a lot of beef farms around here.
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    Scale: load bars

    I want a set of scales to weigh cattle and hogs. Has anyone bought a set of these load bars and built a platform on them? I think these would be the ideal setup to be used in an alleyway. I see you can buy the load bars for around 600.00 dollars.
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    electric fence mystery help please

    I have an interior fence, cedar posts and 4 strands of barbed wire. I decided to put 2 strands of electric on this fence also. I put one strand of electric above the top strand of barbed wire. The other strand of electric I put on the inside of the fence between the top strand and the second one...
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    Monday must be the day for calving

    I have had 10 calves born so far. One more late one the first of June to come yet. 7 calves were born on a Monday. 7 bulls, 2 heifers, and 1 freemartin heifer. Mondays must be the day for calves.
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    BW on 11 day early calf

    A friend of mine wants me to save him a bull. I have a bull calf born 11 days early out of a 4 year old red angus cow that was sired by LCC Field Day (Reg.937253). He wants to use the bull on his herd of Belted Galloways. The calf weighed 75 pounds the day after it was born. I don't want to save...
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    OT swine mineral

    Has anyone tried to use a trace mineral block for hogs. I use to have my feed ground and delivered, they would add soybean meal and 2-1 mineral. I am now grinding cob corn to feed my brood sows and boar. I dont have a mixer. I could topdress feed with loose mineral and soy, but I wondered if a...
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    ear corn price?

    Anyone have an idea on how much a person should pay for ear corn? I am going to run it through my hammermill and feed it to my brood sows. Does anyone know how to tell how many bushel different size gravity boxes hold. And how does this work with ear corn versus shelled corn. Obviously your...
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    Couldnt get into cervix AI

    Last week I posted about a cow that came up with blood on her tail that I presumed was already bred. Now the rest of the story. RA cow born in spring 03, has had a heifer and a bull calf both AI bred. No problems calving and my records show she was bred in 06 and 07 only once each year and...
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    heat detection frustrating

    I have 11 head of Red Angus I am trying to get bred this year. 5 heifers and 6 cows that are between 3 and 5 years of age that all had calves last year. I have done synchronizing in the past with limited results. I thought I finally had everyone bred until yesterday, one of my nicer cows that...
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    Herbicide for grass and alfalfa

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a herbicide that will kill spotted knapweed in an existing hay field of alfalfa and timothy? I have talked to many people about this and everything I come up with will either kill the alfalfa or kill the grass. Spotted knapweed is hard to kill and most...
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    Red bulls?

    I received my 2008 Beef Sire directory from Select Sires today. There are 9 Red Angus bulls in the book to order semen from. They consist of 5 Bieber bred bulls, 3 Leachman bred bulls and 1 Gill bred bull. I have AI'd the few cattle I have the last couple years to Beiber Rambler 8306. I have no...
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    Register them or forget it.

    I have 8 Red Angus cattle. 5 are registered in my name. I had one heifer and one bull calf last calving season (spring). I would like to register the heifer calf. I found out I have to be a member of Red Angus Assoc. to register anything. That is 60 dollars a year. Then I asked about registering...
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    cow aborted twin heifers

    Yesterday cow aborted twin heifer calves. She was 3 months away from calving. The first calf looked like the size of a skinned 20 pound coon, very very fat everywhere, like it was blown up with air or liquid. The second calf looked normal to me, skinny as youd think one would look like at this...