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    Sold a whopping 4 head of feeders

    Pot load steers yesterday here at 848# were $.168. Heifers were 793# $.151
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    Been listening to Genuine JBH, Stock talk, Chute side and bunch of others too. Angus Underground is pretty awesome so far!
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    Very nice, just got into 21st century and got ear buds and been listening to other podcasts. Wish it was on spotify tho! Good luck with him!
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    Forage Sorghum Fit ?

    Buddy planted sorgham sudan early June in some heavy deer areas that were going to crp, first cutting was 6 5' x 5' bales and he got caught not cutting it again and a frost smoked it dead. I think would have went 3-4 bales again. 0 fertilizer, surrounded by tree, mined out dirt for years. Deer...
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    Forage Sorghum Fit ?

    Steve me and buddy been considering doing test plot. We chopped corn off 10 acres, going to seed winter rye after we haul some stock pile manure. Chop or wet wrap rye next June 1, haul manure again and put soghum sudan grass in it and shoot for 2 crops. See how many tons we can get and costs...
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    Livestock Risk Protection

    After last nights close on cattle 600# steers 13 week premium is now up to $27/head. $188/cwt or $1128/head, that would be highest priced spring born steers I have ever sold. 900# 19 week premium is 12/20 sell date, $46/head @ $170.35 or $1533/head That is some pretty good money. I wish I...
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    Livestock Risk Protection

    Steve I'm pretty simple person but buying protection on 600# steers for 13 weeks for $23 locks in $1.82 cattle. $1092/head be highest I've sold cattle for. If market goes up I'm not going to be sorry I spent $23, if it goes down I collect a check from insurance. It sure seems smart.....I told...
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    Livestock Risk Protection If you click the link you can get to your state and what not and see what you can protect yourself at and what it costs. Anyone done it on feeder calves before? It is interesting with the way the board is on these cattle and the way the...
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    Cross Breeding Dairy Cattle for Longevity

    I am herdsman at 170 cow milking dairy. When I was in college I bought pair of Jersey bulls to breed group of Holstein heifers. I also started cross breeding hard breeders with Jersey, Ayshire, Montibilare, Norweigan Red, Milking Shorthorns and some Swiss. Always bred F1's to a different breed...
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    Using GenChoice 90 sexed semen ?

    Steve as time went on my comment on In Dew Time could not be worse. Terrible udders over time. I used way to much and culled everyone over the years that had IDT in their pedigree. If your making feeder calves he does a good job at that. No experience with Nightride or Graduate yet.
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    Advice for AI on some heifers

    Sexed female semen for first 2 services than beef. Our calving interval is 13.1 months. Average 1.9 services per pregnancy. And it short yes we do push for production and there is more heat stress but Holstein's are just not known for being fertile! When using sexed semen it's hard to tell...
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    Advice for AI on some heifers

    I will agree with Jeanne on PG heats. We have heat detection system in dairy cows and I like to PG and sticker beef cows. Saves time and I get to breed when I want to. On timing folks I just looked up last years breeding at dairy. We have collars on all breeding cows. We have a computer...
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    Advice for AI on some heifers

    Steve I don't breed many off system like that. I do however run mga on heifers. Have about 400-500 head on mga over last 15 years for a custom guy. Averages out to about 72%. My own heifers mga run about that too. Cows last year lute and sticker breed for a week I was 10/12 on them and 50%...
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    Advice for AI on some heifers

    I have better luck going into a group of heifers with 1 lute shot and stickers than I do cows. Guess I don't know why heifers are different than cows in that regard? Personally I like breeding heifers more than cows. All the parts are easier to find and manipulate and usually they never get...
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    Hauling to pasture

    I too only have a 16' bumper trailer. I sort out 4 matching pairs. Put 3 cows in front and 1 calm gentle cow and 4 calves in the back. Hauling 10 miles and usually a 1 man show I can't afford screwing around watching a cow tear up a fence because her calf isn't with her.
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    Trust the sale yard vet

    Like I said nobody can accurately check a cow after 4 months. Its buyer beware buying cows at that point
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    Trust the sale yard vet

    There isn't a vet or anyone in the world that can can much more than a educated guess on a cows pregnancy after 4 months. Always been that way always will be. I hope before I'm dead and gone they will announce it that way. She is 4-9 months.
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    Poss Deadwood Confusion

    Political bullshit once again if I had to bet. These big bull sales have very little money traded. Someone got pissed off I'd assume and someone had to pay up.
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    Retained Heifer Percentage ?

    We keep 95% of our heifers. Cull very high birth weights, bad attitudes, and late ones if we didnt pull bulls. Every few years cows get high priced we sell our commercial end of cows and registered cows to that are not the best of the best. Financially it's hard to keep them all. Feed bill gets...
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    Old Simmental Semen from 1999

    Forgot about LT Bando 9074. 2 calves to be born this year. I'd use the 6595 if your not going to!