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    Getting a little panicky and need some guidance

    We bought our first cattle in November - now they are a yearling heifer, two year old heifer and a three year old due to calf sometime within the next 2-3 weeks with her first calf. We have owned and been breeding horses for 20+ years, but this is our first calving. All three are registered...
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    Mini donkeys as herd guardians?

    As I mentioned on my other thread, we're new cattle owners and will have only a small herd of no more than 6-8 (all cows/calves/young stock - no bulls). Right now, we have a weaned heifer, a yearling heifer and a bred 2 year old. All are Belted Galloways. The neighbor across from us had a...
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    Kicking heifer.

    We are first time cattle owners (have been breeding and showing Quarter Horses for 20+ years), and they delivered our first three Belted Galloway heifers yesterday. One is a weaned heifer, one is a yearling, and one is a bred 2 year old. The two older heifers are show cattle, and they are well...
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    First purchase for small herd - 3 in 1 OR 2 weaned heifers?

    Good morning. We're in the last stages of planning for our first cattle purchase, and I have a few questions. This is such a great resource - especially for those of us just getting our feet wet! We've got about 20 acres - 80% in good lush pasture, and the other 20% in woods and a small pond...
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    Total cattle newbie with some (probably silly) ???'s

    OK, first off, I admit it, I know nothing about raising or keeping cattle beyond what I learned growing up helping my uncles on their beef cattle farms (Herefords and Angus). We've been breeding, raising, and showing Quarter horses for 20 years, and recently moved to a larger farm. We've always...