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    Livestock Risk Protection If you click the link you can get to your state and what not and see what you can protect yourself at and what it costs. Anyone done it on feeder calves before? It is interesting with the way the board is on these cattle and the way the...
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    Anyone got a simple contract for this?

    Going to put new fence on small pasture I rent. Landowner can't afford to do it. I want to pay for everything and just have a contract that rent is paid for x amount of years......... It will get kind of spendy as they want continuous fence around 1/3 of it by the house and rest will be wood and...
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    Blame the sire or just dumb luck?

    Preg checked my 7 heifers and buddies 10. Been together since January. His are all PB Angus. Mine PB Angus, and rest xbreds. Stuck 12/17 AI (8 of his 10) group ave. 71% of them using MGA and watch heats Yearling bull only got 1 on next heat. (He was in with them for 50+ days, also have...
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    Cordless weedtrimmer and other tools

    My 18 volt dewalt set is about junk. So I need to update them. Wife wants a cordless weed trimmer and leaf blower she can run. Any brands or battery size to get? I need drill, impact driver, cordless chainsaw would be alright to for little limbs and stuff around the house. Seen this ad on...
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    Going to be heavy on bull calves for 2021

    Got big pasture preconditioned and cows ultra sounded yesterday. 28 cows checked, 15/22 stuck AI 1 May calver, another possible May (bull pulled 21 days ago) so as of yesterday 27/28 cows confirmed pregnant due 2/28/2021-5/4/2021 Of the AI's we sexed 9/15 are bull calves, 6 heifers. Only 1...
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    I ran fecals last week on 3 pastures, was interested to see what kind of worm load I had. All cattle are home raised off dairy Pasture 1: 20 head of yearling Beef x Dairy steers and heifers 800# on 20 acres grass where I winter beef cows and they stayed till June when I bred them and they went...
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    Stocker cattle

    Got a rented pasture I don't need this year. Hold 15 500# pretty easy. Don't want to fool with cows as I don't want to drag a bug in and wreck what I got going with seedstock cattle. Got room for another 15 once cows go to grass too of stockers. Pasture rent is $1,000 can I buy them and make...
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    $1 a pound live weight equals what price for hanging weight?

    Sold a fat Holstein freemartin. Didn't have a scale close after we loaded her. Sold 1/4's to buddies. Market has been 90 cents or so on them and wanted some for my time and trucking and they agreed to $1/# live weight. Now I'm only going to get a hanging weight on her. What's fair $ amount now?
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    Connealy Cool 39L

    Reg: AAA 17586776 Proven bull, calving ease with breed average BW, good growth, top 1% DOC, good carcass traits, top 1% $M (if that index is correct that's exactly what I'm looking for) Only bad I see is not so good CEM........ Goal, make females. Steers are a byproduct here. If bull is good...
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    Bedding. Prefer wheat straw

    Wet here in midwest 0 corn stalks made that will last till spring. We use some wheat straw from Dakotas and Canada. Any got any leads on suppliers? I can find trucking if needed. 2 loads maybe more. Local hay auction is reporting they have been getting 0 bales compare to 1200 average a week
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    Calves sold well

    Sold today after I retained some heifers and 1 bull calf and a steer to eat. 23 head went as bawlers, 1 round of shots and an Iowa green tag in ear. 6 steers 591# $1.49 5 steers 453# $1.59 1 chrome steer 605# $1.11 steers were born from 3/22-4/22 and was 3 reds rest blacks, 1 black had some...
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    What % of fat cattle are contracted?

    I had watched Corbitt Wall's feeder flash youtube video other day there and I thought he said something like 85% of all the fat cattle are traded on contracts? Is that correct? I can't find video again that I was looking for and google hasn't been any help to me.
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    Trailer grill

    Currently our Cattlemen's association uses a 4' x 6' trailer mounted grill with 2 40# lp tanks on it. Just grill no smoker or anything. Currently have a Holstein mfg. grill. Any others out there you guys know of?
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    4245 Massey open station 495 allied loader

    '99 model, 2 scv, joystick, fluid back tires but wheels are rusting. 371 original hours. Barn find. Will it lift my 1500# bales decent enough and what's it worth. Need to get with guy by Monday. What's the bad on it?
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    2 Wisconsin brothers missing
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    Breeding full sister to Mytty in Focus

    Buddy mine has a full sister to Mytty in Focus, she is deep, long, and big. Might resemble some of Ron's Simmentals! I got a picture but no idea how to post it. Proven bull would be fine and something at one of the big semen companies as we luted last night!
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    Even with crappy weather I guess there is good

    Today's finds makes it a wrap on '19 calving. First cow calved March 11th, last 2 were today. 59 day calving season on cows. Heifers started March 6th and they wrapped up on the April 1st. 26 day window on them. Get's easier every year! We culled 1 open heifer and 1 open cow last year. Heifers...
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    Anyone have kubota sidekick utv?

    Need a lawnmower and would like a cheaper utv tool around in and check cows. Kubota has been financing available as of today. Figure package deal maybe do ok on both?
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    Would you?

    Would you buy a bull that you knew had to be pulled? Found her calving at 3am and his feet were cold. Hard pull by hand, calf has everything else going for it at the moment. Right pedigree, decent weight of 93# out of a PB Simmental heifer. Calf was exactly what it should have been. Didn't breed...
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    Oversize scoop shovel

    Anybody know where I could get a scoop shovel like twice the size of a normal one? Doesnt have to be heavy duty. Using it to bed baby calves with wheat straw. It is really fine this year. Silage fork does not work real well. Thanks Google was not much help!