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    Momma rejected calf

    I was lucky or unlucky and happened to be on top of it. I would say 18 hours went before i could tell she rejected it (was able to give it a colostrum solution at about that time). She (cow) was playing a game and she called it but this was after beating it away for an hour . When i pinned...
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    Clearing land

    I have recently concentrated on clearing my land 40 acres. I have owned it about 5 years and have used it for hunting. Its rough and hard to find a level spot on it. I have a spring fed creek that runs through it that just about splits the land up 60/40. This creek averages about 40' wide...
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    Planted millet. Now I'm in trouble I think.

    New to the cattle field. Hobby man and i planted 4 acres of millet for wildlife. In order to do this i had to put the cattle in another area . The millet has sprouted and is at a week since the sprout. The problem I have is i don't think i have enough grass to support them where i have them now...