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    Fun- watching bull play with a calf

    Owners have one of their bulls separated - kids started calling him Big Bob. He has a hurt back foot. He is in the pen right by our house. A first time mooma (Lady) and her 3 week bull calf are in there as well. They often put heifers they are not sure about in there to birth. I think they are...
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    Apple tree trimming

    Hi all, We are wanting to get the orchard by our house in better shape. I don't know how old it is, but I know the owners father planted sometime after they bought the place I think in the 40s There are about 40 trees in a variety of 6 different kinds of apples, There are also a couple rows...
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    critic my calf

    Awe, he could fit right in with my boys :) Looks good to me.
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    Almost lost one and what to look for

    Well, My boys are basically on there own now with the rest of the less than a year/weaning calves. I still go out and see them most everyday, giving them a little hay or grass that is still green. Well, yesterday afternoon when we were out there, the son came by and told me what he found that...
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    Whole Bunch of Red Calf pics

    I have heard this. Why do black sell better in this area? Personally, good meat is good meat and I don't care what color the hide is.
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    New barn cats,...question

    Congrats on getting a couple cats. Most can make great mousers and yes even as tame indoor pets. Our little story about letting kittens outside to hunt. We have had 7 cats over the past 4 years that we have lived on a farm in the country. The cats never really leave the area of the...
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    I think it's time I let my secret out

    You have a couple cute kitties there. Glad they became friends. LOL, my DH threatens to throw my in/outdoor cat in to the river (then turns around and lets her lick out his ice cream bowl ;) )
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    That's why they call them accidents.

    Prayers for you and yours.
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    how much grain?

    All four of my boys are doing great now. Healthy and always hungry. Five is still a bit skinnier than the other 3 but he is getting there. Anyway, they will be on bottles for about 3 more weeks and are really eating the grain well - out of buckets :). I also give them a little hay and they do...
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    Feeding calves

    Picture updates :) --- (if these are too big, please let me know and I can resize them on photobucket) Well, they know the sound of the little wagon I tote the bottles water and grain to the pen in and here they are all waiting... After bottles, I make sure each gets a few small handfuls of...
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    she's still alive

    I don't know about the $$ side but the graces of the board saved 5 of 7 of my boys. I give my big boy apples but I cut up (6-8 pieces) or stomp on them to break them. Heard a story from the owner. Several years ago, he threw an apple to one of their cows expecting it to hit the ground. She...
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    Feeding calves

    They have good feed, I think it is 12 or 14% Thank you MM, I will start cutting back and get them eating more feed. I did see one of them eating out of the bucket today. That will make the MR last a little longer too :)
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    Needing lots of advice please

    mjd, thank you for asking all these questions. the people on here are pretty good and giving honest responses. I am learning calves/cows/cattle are very fun and enjoyable to be around. They are a lot of work but it is that old hands on work that can be so satisfying too. One thing bout your...
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    Feeding calves

    Thank you MM, Only the one now has been 'sick' more than a little bout with scours. He got pretty far down to the point I thought he was gonna be gone the next morning. He is eating well now and getting stronger. Thank you for the description on build. I thought they would look thinner but...
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    Feeding calves

    OK, getting confused about all this. So I went and pulled the instructions. The directions say for one calf to mix one scoop (8oz by weight) per 2 quarts of water. Feed 2 quarts twice a day to start and until they are consuming 1 1/2 pounds MR per day which would occur around 4-6 weeks. [So...
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    Fly problem help?

    I forgot to come back and post about this. Thank you for all the responses. They found the screw worn spray at the feed store and that took care of the problem PDQ, and he has been all cleaned up.
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    Feeding calves

    My 4 boys are doing good finally. (One of them is still not on par but recovering). They are aproximately 2 weeks old. Currently they are being fed 10 pts a day (3-2-2-3) medicated milk replacer and have a good grain calf starter mix and water always available. They eat the grain off my hand...
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    Fly problem help?

    Yes, they do Chippie. And the poor boy has them bad. I would love to wash them off with a hose but there is not one close by them and he has been pretty sick. I will see later depending on how he is feeling and the weather, if I can get him to a hose about getting them washed off. That and...
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    Help... possible dehydration... might loose one

    Hi all, little update. 3 of my boys are doing great. One, I hope is on the road to recovery. They all got shots of some strong antibiotics yesterday and the one that was down seems to be doing better this AM. He has another issue but hopefully that will be gone soon as well. Thank you for all...
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    Fly problem help?

    Hi all, My baby holsteins are now all on the road to good health (I hope). This last one that got sick though has another issue as well. Flies or rather their off spring - maggots. They are all over his rear. A couple of the others had gotten some under their tails but the spray (apparently...