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  1. J+ Cattle

    Volunteer Fire Departments

    I want to give a shout out and big thanks to our volunteer fire departments and the firefighters for what they do. We take them for granted until we need them. My experience from Friday afternoon was a person pulling a trailer full of gravel (heavily overloaded) had a wheel bearing go out and...
  2. J+ Cattle

    Ever notice how cattle can get themselves into trouble?

    I'm curious to hear about your personal experiences for how cattle can get themselves into trouble. I'll start it off with this one from several years ago that managed to get twisted up in four strands of barbed wire plus a strand of electric fence. We got him out and he limped for a good long...
  3. J+ Cattle

    Red Angus Association of America approves gene-edited traits

    I guess with gene editing we can all have the best animals in the breed,potential%20benefits%20they%20can%20bring%20to%20the%20breed...
  4. J+ Cattle

    Super Poly Bac B Somnus Cattle Vaccine

    Does anyone use this respiratory vaccine and if so do you like it?,later%20on%20the%20opposite%20side%20of%20the%20neck. J+ Cattle
  5. J+ Cattle

    Beef Check Off Petition
  6. J+ Cattle

    Cow/Calf Weaning Weight Ratios

    I just curious how many people weigh their cattle at weaning and record the calf's weight and the cow's weight to see what percentage of the cow's weigh she weans off as a calf. Example: Cow #1 weighs 1250 lbs at weaning time and her calf weighs 590 lbs. 590/1250 * 100 = 47.2 The calf is...
  7. J+ Cattle

    Anthrax Confirmed in a Hardeman County, Texas

    The official reports only mention one cow confirmed but unofficially I hear there are lots more dead. I would recommend for anyone in the vicinity to vaccinate immediately. Deer, wild hogs and flies will make it spread. J+...
  8. J+ Cattle

    Mysterious Lump

    It's always something new with cattle and yesterday I noticed a lump on the underneath side of the tail of one of my steers. At first I thought it might just be some fluid that I could drain but there's something more to it. It's not real hard but it's not squishy either. I've never had...
  9. J+ Cattle

    GAR Xceptional

    Does anyone on here have any personal experience with GAR Xceptional, likes or dislikes about him or his calves...
  10. J+ Cattle

    Tear him up!

    I always enjoyed reading all the comments made whenever someone posts a picture of a new bull or prospective new bull so I thought I would throw myself under the bus. Here tear him up, interested in hearing comments of his strong points and weak points.
  11. J+ Cattle

    Need help identifying weed

    OK, what is it? The pasture was sprayed at the end of May with Rangestar (generic 2-4-D + dicamba) and it did a good job of killing the weeds with the exception of this one. Any idea what it is and what will kill it.
  12. J+ Cattle

    Nutrition values of native grasses

    Does anyone have information or a website that they can refer me to regarding the nutrition values of native grasses at various stages of maturity. Specifically the grasses that I am interested in are; sideoats grama, green sprangletop, indiangrass, switchgrass, big bluestem and little...
  13. J+ Cattle

    BQA program

    How many of you participate in a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program and do you see any value in it as a producer? What kind of premiums if any do you receive because of it? J+