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  1. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    Am thinking of making something similar to this to do a gooseneck if I need to. Anybody ever use these?
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  3. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    So I decided to go ahead with this. I just finished finished making this and it seems to work well so far. Here are a couple pictures.
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  6. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    Yes I thought the same. For the most part, until recently, a 3pt on larger tractors sold in Canada was almost nonexistent. Many have the idea that they are meant for smaller tractors (under 60hp) and implements. Mine is an American tractor and many here are surprised to see a 3pt on it. I’m not...
  7. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    Thanks for the feed back. I’ve mentioned it around here to several people who all think it’s a good idea but nobody has ever seen it done before so that’s why I came here. As I mentioned, my only concern in the potential for premature wear on seals and such.
  8. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    That’s what the gears on a tractor are for. Top speed is 18 mph down a secluded gravel road. Most implements that I know of do not have trailer brakes.
  9. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    Well my tractor is approx 15k lbs with loader and grapple plus a bale or two on the front at 1200 lbs each when I’m hauling hay. The lift capacity on the 3pt is 6850 lbs and at most the tongue weight might reach 5000 but I’d doubt that. So I’m not really concerned about making the front end...
  10. 2Bigfoots

    3 Point Fifth Wheel

    I am curious if anyone can weigh in on a project I’ve been contemplating. I have been thinking of making a rack that mounts on to my 3 point hitch similar to a quick hitch, that has a fifth wheel hitch on it to receive a kingpin. My thought is that I can back up to the trailer, click it in...
  11. 2Bigfoots

    Lapping water like a dog

    She’s a new yearling that I recently purchased along with 14 others from a nearby farmer. I’ve Only had her for a month.
  12. 2Bigfoots

    Lapping water like a dog

    Hello, I am curious if I need to be concerned or not that one of my heifers only laps water. She will stand there for an hour or more lapping away...I have never seen her sip/suck like normal. I am worried she may not be getting enough water over long term vs the time and energy she spends to...
  13. 2Bigfoots

    Truck bale spears

    Just find the one you like the best and go buy the steel and make it. They are super easy to build. Thats all I ever do with any attachment like that. I always take ideas from numerous different ones and just make mine to what I want from all those ideas and make it better. Just google images...
  14. 2Bigfoots

    Cows in 2 horse trailer?

    Haha yup I concur. I learnt the hard way on this. I was moving a young bull to a to a new pasture and harem 3 miles away last year and he jumped out a half a mile down the road.
  15. 2Bigfoots

    Cattle Memes -Go

  16. 2Bigfoots

    I want to learn more about nutrition

    Has anyone used pea straw to supplement hay? There are a lot of pea crops around here and is easy to find someone let you come behind them and bale it A neighbour of mine swears by it for protein. I was able to get a couple hundred of these this year for free and am trying it out. It seems to...
  17. 2Bigfoots

    Setting up squeeze chute... what size ally way is best?

    Mine alleyway is 27-28 inches When I send calves through I line either both sides, or just one side...depending on how small they are with old pallets and it seems to keep them from turning around.
  18. 2Bigfoots

    Buying on the hoof

    Hi,long time lurker here, figured I might as well pipe in eventually. I am curious as well as I have a few angus bredback to longhorn and have been trying to decide if they would be good eating. Also a neighbour has two two year old open purebred longhorn heifers that he has used predominately...