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  1. TdJ

    Advice on building a herd in Central Texas - sale barns vs breeders

    We recently purchased a ranch out in Hamilton County, TX and looking for advice on 1) type of cattle that are most sought after and 2) best way to source them. I'm seeing hereford, angus, mention of brangus. Does it really matter? I'm leaning heavily toward red angus because they're easy to...
  2. TdJ

    Advice on Ford 6700 upkeep

    I picked up an '81 Ford 6700, delivered earlier this week. I'm building a list of things to do before I start mowing / disking / baling, have a few questions though. If you're familiar with this particular model then I'd appreciate a few minutes of your time. - First, all of the instructions...
  3. TdJ

    Hi from a new ranch owner in Central tx

    Just purchased a small ranch in Hamilton county, looking forward to figuring out how things work out here. Grew up on a dairy farm on a different continent, know enough not to do that again. The ranch is a somewhat distressed, a little overgrown but it'll clean up nicely. Other than an old house...