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    Cattle Software

    I also use Cattle Max from Cattlesoft and am very pleased with their customer service.
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    First Load of Bonsmara Cattle Sales This Year

    We sold our first load of 3/4 blood Bonsmara calves last week. The steers weighed 830 lbs and brought $1.41 plus the $60.00 Bonsmara bonus which averages $1,230.30 per steer ( about $1.48 lb with the bonus). There was not any freight or commission since the steers were sold to Bonsmara USA...
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    What X?

    Here are some pictures of Bonsmara cattle located in Oklahoma.
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    I believe in equal opportunities.....

    I love the bull's girth. He will have a lot of heart. And although it is hard to see, he appears to have very broad shoulders. The broad shoulders should allow his females to have large pelvic areas and be easy calvers. JMO
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    Purpose of Extension Office?

    Our extension agent was a farmer/rancher until he went broke. Then he became the extension agent and is giving us advice. What is wrong with that picture?
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    Composite Bulls

    I strongly disagree if you are calling Gerts or my Bonsmara mutts. Bonsmara is the only breed on this earth that is scientifically produced with complete pictorial genealogy with every characteristic quantified. After more than 50 years of selection, economically important traits have been...
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    Composite Bulls

    I think it is very difficult to start a true composite breed. The most famous composite is obviously the Gerts. They have been around forever. Dr. Bonsma started developing his breed, Bonsmara, in 1936 and based it on the Gerts after a visit to King Ranch. Dr. Bonsma did not finish...
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    Exceptional Drought

    I am setting pretty good Knersie. I have some good bottom land bermuda along with a quarter that I rested last year. Plus, we have plenty of alfalfa, if needed. Even if it stays bad, I can make it till next summer without any problem. It is my friends and neighbors that I am worried about...
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    Exceptional Drought

    I do not know about enlightenment; but I have a flashlight. We typically get 26-32 inches per year. This year we have had two inches since August. The pasture is used to getting the average; that is what it needs. You have different grass with different rain requirements--it is that simple...
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    Exceptional Drought

    1982vette, This is one party that I would have rather missed.
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    Exceptional Drought

    Oh yes, I still have all my cattle. I saved 160 acres of improved grass in case this happened. I have about 60 acres of bermuda grass on the backside of a flood control dam. I put 29 cows on it two weeks ago and will put another 19 in the next few weeks. I have 160 acres of improved grass on...
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    Exceptional Drought

    Today, Western Oklahoma was officially placed in the "Exceptional Drought" category. That is the worst drought category which exists. We were moderate during the fall, then severe in the winter, then extreme in the spring, and now exceptional to start the summer. It can get drier, so maybe...
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    Cost of pasture grazing

    Isomade, I thought you were getting some rain in the Eastern part of the state........ We had almost two inches in April and May combined. But with the hot wind it is gone. OP pasture is always cheaper. But the cost of pasture is hard to determine. Do you include the cost of land...
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    Leasing land.

    Where in the S.E. part of the panhandle are you? I have a friends in Quannah and McClain, they are selling animals because of the lack of moisture. They would be interested in some rental land as well.
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    Cow Shade?

    TB, I do not mind sweating; but working up a sweat at six a.m. while walking to my pickup is a bit much. I need the shade! I put most of my cows on a quarter that has a lot of bermuda grass and has not had any cattle on it for a year or so. It is behind a large lake with a lot of submoisture...
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    Cow Shade?

    In western Oklahoma, heat tolerance is a must. That is one of the reasons I decided to raise Bonsmara. They handle the heat a lot better than I do. I remember it being really hot around 1978; but I do not remember it being this hot so early in the year. Every day it is 100+ degrees in the...
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    Leasing land.

    Good luck with that one. Even in a good year, with lots of rain, there is no person in the western 1/3 of Oklahoma that owns enough land to handle that many cows year round. West Texas has a lot of large ranches; but they are starving for moisture. Most of the pasture west of Interstate 35...
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    Checking Cows

    Exactly!! One of the pictures (one with calf under mothers tail) reminds me of a story. When youngest daughter was naming calves, one was nursing from behind the cow when the cow took a big dump on the calf's head. Daughter named the calf "stinky". That picture just brought back one of those...
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    What breed if starting over????

    I would change our commercial cow herd from Black Angus to Red Angus and continue crossing with Bonsmara bulls. Bonsmara gives me the heat tolerance (without the ear) and the built in sales market via Bonsmara Natural Beef, then to Sysco, and on to the consumer. If it is at least 1/2 blood...
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    Financing Cattle?? &*^^&&%$#$%)**@

    You must have a judgment before you can have the HOH. You will get a chance to do pretty much the same thing at the 341 first meeting of creditors if he files a bankruptcy. I have been so busy I have not had a chance to look him up to see if he has filed. I will try to do it soon.