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    Tiny little herd

    Yeah I’ve gone back and forth about keeping one except for the freezer. But I’ve already decided the other little charlois steer is going there. I’ve even considered sells everything that’s not freezer bound and just keep raising the orphan babies.
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    Tiny little herd

    These are the bull calves both under a year. Not great pictures but what they gave me a chance to get before it would have been just noses in the picture. They are kind of greedy for their animal crackers. Plans are to use a friend’s bull first breeding. He’s corriente and throws small...
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    Tiny little herd

    I also have 2 bull calves. I’m trying to decide which to keep One is a charlois/angus mix the other is a F1 Braford like all but one of my heifers. Both look nice to me I’ll try and get pictures today but it’s kind of hard when their noses are in your face
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    Tiny little herd

    These are all bottle babies.
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    Tiny little herd

    Here’s my tiny little herd of heifers that I raised. They range in age from 14 months to 9 months
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    Fattening up a heifer

    My little heifer made it and has almost caught up with her pasture mates. I don’t have recent pictures. But do y’all think these two look ok for being 12 months old?
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    Fattening up a heifer

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    Fattening up a heifer

    I’m in South Texas. She’s by herself but the other calves are in the pasture beside her. She’s been wormed. Has loose minerals and salt available. And has access to a 20% protein tub. Should I give her a weekly dose of red cell? I didn’t want to give her copper toxin. Never thought...
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    Fattening up a heifer

    Hi I have a 3 month old bottle baby. I’ve had her from a day old. She was pretty sick and almost didn’t make it. She eats well now and is still getting a full bottle morning and evening , free feed grain and hay and has grazing. I ended up giving her a 1/4 tsp of red cell back when she was...
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    can a weaned 4 month old heifer be turned out to pasture with cow/calf pairs

    Hi I have a heifer I bottle raised she forages and eats grain and has been weaned from the bottle for about a month can I turn her out to pasture with other cow/calf pairs?