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  1. Cowsout

    Dang cow

    All that sunnyblueskies suggested, plus fatal injury from being stepped on. That's what happened to a week-old calf one week ago, but in my case the mom was standing over it calling for it to get up.
  2. Cowsout

    Perilla Mint……

    A decade or so ago an Alabama cattle owner near where I used to live lost a lot of cattle to it, according to the vet who did the necropsies. FWIW, the owner had good pastures that were not overstocked, and the cattle were in good condition.
  3. Cowsout

    Net wrap ingestion

    I'm very paranoid about net wrap ingestion and there are many extension pubs ("software disease of cattle") about it. A lot of people with cattle around me leave the net wrap and their cattle are very thin. Whether it's because they ingested some of the net wrap or the quality of care or both, I...
  4. Cowsout

    thick placenta suffocating newborns

    If this happens again, be prepared and get the placenta to a vet for testing. It decomposed rapidly after birth and will require icing or refrigeration and quick transport to a lab.
  5. Cowsout

    Opinion on Angus heifer

    Thanks again to everyone; there were good and not so good opinions, and I appreciate all of them. Faults were pointed out that I had seen but not seriously considered, so I am grateful.
  6. Cowsout

    Opinion on Angus heifer

    Thanks for your advice!
  7. Cowsout

    Opinion on Angus heifer

    I'm not a professional photographer. Thanks again to everyone for your comments!
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  10. Cowsout

    Opinion on Angus heifer

    Thank you, everyone, I am grateful. I promise the next time I'll get a video for you. She is by a son of Cole Creek Cedar Ridge, so yes to low BW. She is out of a daughter of KG Solution with BC 7022 Raven on the bottom. After going through three years of drought, I've been aiming for a...
  11. Cowsout

    Fake meat

    I wonder if you were bitten by a tick that causes meat allergy? It happens more often than many people realize.
  12. Cowsout

    Opinion on Angus heifer

    There's such a range of opinions on cattle on this forum and I'm curious about what you think about this 15 month old Angus heifer. I like her, but I'm open to criticism. Thanks in advance!
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  14. Cowsout

    Husband wants to expand

    I've never owned goats, but I grew up around beef cattle and horses. I always wanted a Jersey and bought a 3 month old heifer in 2013. I trained her the same as I would a horse, she ties, cross-ties, is easy to lead, picks up her feet and all of the things you'd expect in ground manners from a...
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    The recipe recommended freezing them first. That helps break down that tough skin and the grapes are much easier to mash. I use a large slotted spoon to squash them, but obviously I'm working with small volumes, usually around 1 gallon of grapes which is what I get from the vines during a good year.
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    I think it has been more luck than skill. I use a recipe I found years ago on a web site; it is simple and the resulting product is pretty tasty. Muscadine grapes are the only grapes that do well in Florida and a lot of Florida wineries use them. Their products are better than mine, but mine...
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    I used to make a batch of wine from muscadine grapes each year. The crop this year is poor as was last year's, so no wine will be made this year.
  19. Cowsout

    Would anyone keep this cow?

    Some years ago I sold a bred heifer out of my best cow. The buyer contacted me and told me he found the calf without the mom. He wasn't set up to corral them together so he bottle-raised the calf. I bought the cow back and brought her home. When she calved at my place, she was the most...
  20. Cowsout

    Expected extreme heat wave temperatures

    Misting fans are what kept the equestrian portion of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA, and it gets pretty hot and humid there, and those horses were working their butts off. So don't discount their use.