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  1. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Breeding heifers

    You know, I think it really depends on your location. Here in NY, unless there was a specific herd dispersal or special beef/feeder/or cow calf sale (only a few a year) - there is no way in heck you are going to find any decent beef breeding animals. I mean, maybe 1 here or there, but not routine.
  2. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Took salt out today.

    1/2 inch - wahahahaha - that's a dusting! Cattle look good. Amazingly - we haven't even had a frost warning. We got down to 36F one morning, but that's as close as we got. Very unusual.
  3. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Breeding heifers

    Lots of good advice. You said you have dairy background. How did you come up with the BCS? I have NEVER known a dairyman that had a clue what a beef animal should look like - no offence! They are so used to seeing what we would consider an emaciated animal, they can't see "thin" on a beef...
  4. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    3 weeks until weaning.

    good working momma's.
  5. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Wagu Calf Purchase

    First - have you ever raised cattle? When you pay XX amount for an animal that dies, you don't make much profit. Or doesn't breed. Or breeds and aborts. Or breeds, calves and has a dead calf. Or breeds, calves and has a live calf that later dies. Price out the semen and/or bulls.
  6. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Wagu Calf Purchase

    It is a unique market. Do not think you will get those prices just "because" you buy something labeled Wagyu. It takes great marketing.
  7. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Wagu Calf Purchase

    Too much
  8. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Beefmaster Angus bull

    Little bit of "iffy" advice breeding a bull to his daughters. You only want to do that if he has been DNA tested for multiple genetic defects, especially if it is an Angus bull. And, BTW, I would bet on a Simmental sired calf will marble and yield grade better than a Hereford or Shorthorn...
  9. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Beefmaster Angus bull

    I think you were given two great options: #1 - AI - just call ABS, Genex, Select Sire etc and see if they have an AI technician in your area. #2 - buy heifer calves in spring, graze all summer, sell in fall. Eventually, keep for replacements. It was recommended to you several times to go into...
  10. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Bull calf

    Your question is unclear.
  11. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Newborn calf front hocks

    Like "Dun" always said "benign neglect". Leave it alone. The tendons are tight from keeping their front legs curled (crowded womb). The more they use them, the looser the tendons will get. But as mentioned, keep mom & calf fairly confined for few days. So, 3 days and calf is doing better -...
  12. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    curtiss breeding

    I have a Curtiss Breeding Box. Hubby got in while we lived in Kansas.
  13. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Heifer Starter Kit

    He is a good marketer. Poor rich buyers.
  14. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    New behavior today, heifer bellowing constantly

    My money is she is in heat. In my herd, heifers generally come back in in 17-18 days.
  15. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Mobile Water System

    I had to graze hay fields last year across the road. I used a poly tank on a trailer. Parked it along side the road. Ran a line from it to a bottom float on the drinking tank. Kept the tank & trailer in one location for half the hay fields - gave cows small portion, then moved temp fence...
  16. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    british white x hereford for a herd sire.

    I generally never make a comment on the quality of an animal - unless the owner ASKS for an opinion. But, remember NO animal is perfect.
  17. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    british white x hereford for a herd sire.

    I agree with my first assessment. He has less muscling than a decent heifer. Carries poor muscling in his hind legs.
  18. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    british white x hereford for a herd sire.

    You have not given us a good enough picture yet. In this picture he "appears" pinched in the heart girth, definitely appears to lack muscling in hip area. It appears if you were behind him, he drops off on both sides of the tail head/ hollow from tail head to hip bone. I don't think anyone...
  19. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    british white x hereford for a herd sire.

    "he's only here for a short time to produce a few heifers. and by the time i get where i'm trying to go he will make up less than 1/4 of the genetics. i've got a son of this bull on the ground now that i hope to use for my terminal cross bull in a couple of years if he fills out like his sire."...
  20. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    british white x hereford for a herd sire.

    Ignore color - you are saying you want to raise BEEF to sell freezer trade - so color does not matter. Bottom line, you need to produce MUSCLING. Your Hereford bull does not show muscling (from the pictures). You can have a great tempered bull AND have a good muscled bull also. You are...