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    Vaccinating feeder cattle…?

    My question to original poster would be why would you not vaccinate the calves?
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    Buyer beware

    Were you "slow bidding"? Waiting to the last second trying to get in will aggravate an auctioneer and some will send a subtle message to flag and get in by letting you miss a cow or two. I do not know about Kentucky, but here we sell nearly all the cattle one at a time. When they get on calves...
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    What kind of bull is he?

    Holstien cross. Cut him and let him grow, then sell him and apply the money toward your new bull.
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    Buyer beware

    I bet your neighbors would squeal like pig with its head caught under a gate if they went to a % commission after being on a set amount per head. Most of the sales here in northeast Texas sell on a 3.25% of gross commission. Down in Brute's country the sale barns charge 4%. Our friends in...
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    Critique this bull calf

    Good things are he is long bodied, level hipped and shows some muscling down in his lower leg. He also appears to have a good set of feet and legs with correct set to pastern and hocks. If I could change him, I would make him deeper ribbed.
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    Question on Noses??

    The pink nose knock comes from being more straight bred Charolais or a high percentage Continental breeding. The feedyards and stocker operators love the crosses but not the purebreds. Reasons given are get sick more frequently, get too big, etc. May or may not be true, but it is in the...
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    Crab Grass in East Texas

    Yes, it does well here. You do need to let it go to seed in the early fall. The Noble Foundation recommended letting it go to seed in late August or September. Then lightly disk to plant rye or ryegrass. Disturbing the ground planted next year's crabgrass crop.
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    What bull would you use on brangus cows

    You have been given some great advice. I would lean toward a Hereford but would also consider Charolais, Simmental or Gelbvieh. As for asking buyers what they want, they will tell you make them good and castrate the bull calves because their customers don't have the labor to do it anymore.
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    Private sale pricing

    I don't know where you are, but in East Texas that pair would bring $1400 to $1600. I have an order for some pairs like that.
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    Bull or Steer

    I see you are in East Texas. If you are taking the calf to the sale barn, it depends on what weight you intend to sell. If you are selling under 400 lbs, it really does not matter. If over 500 lbs it makes a $5 to $13 per cwt. discount for being a bull in the late summer and fall.
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    Update on rotational grazing

    Chapin81, what is the grass that you are trying to manage? Different grass species are managed differently. Bermuda needs to be managed on a 16 to 24 day rotation.
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    Cattle transportation recommendations

    You have more than a load. Probably going to have to cut 15 head off to get back close to 50,000 lbs.
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    Rotational Grazing

    I would break it up into 6 to 8 paddocks (8 would be better). Rotating every 3 to 4 days would give you the same rest period as a good hay cutting. The smaller the paddock the better the manure distribution. Your biggest proble will be to arrange the paddock to be able to get water.
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    injections using repeater syringes

    I have found that when drawing up with regular syringes the doses come out about right, maybe a cc or 2 left over.
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    Turnout cows

    Be leary of exposed vs palpated safe in calf.
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    Good article with great information

    I attended this session at the TAMU Beef Short Course. The speaker owns one of the larger sale barns in Texas.
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    Cow calf to buying calves?

    If you decide to buy feeders, buy them in January or early February before everybody that had the idea of not having to feed starts buying. You make your profit in your buying. Are you in an area that can grow ryegrass? If it was me, I would overseed ryegrass now. In our area, ryegrass...
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    Rules of ownership for showing?

    I have made an arrangement to let a 4-H kid have a heifer that I wanted to keep. We agreed that they fed and showed the heifer in exchange for the first calf. I felt that was fair trade for a well developed cow and the child got so.ething for their ti.e and feed.
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    Hey Everyone!

    Good to hear from you.