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    Cleanup bull prospect

    What is objectionable?
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    santa gertrudis

    Here are some videos of some Gert bulls starting at lot 60. They do not look like the Gerts in the 1970's:
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    santa gertrudis

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    santa gertrudis

    This was taken from an ad in breed magazine back in the early 1970's This is an example of what the breed is trying to produce now
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    santa gertrudis

    Today's Santa Gertrudis are not your dad's Santa"s. Just like the Charolais made improvements to get away from the "cow killer" image of the 1970's, Santa Gertrudis have cleaned up sheath's and are working on carcass traits. Bottom line is if you like the calves and the heifers work for you...
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    What bull to put on Santa Gertrudis x Hereford Cross Cows?

    Guys and Gals, here in East Texas we hve made so many black calves there is no premium for having a black calf. Most order buyers will put a good yellow calf on the same order as the blacks. The calf pictured is sired by a Gert bull out of Charolais cow.
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    What bull to put on Santa Gertrudis x Hereford Cross Cows?

    To simply things, use a Charolais bull on Gert x Hereford cow. Since you are a small operation buy your replaements. As our friend Cuastic Burno would say - those calves will mash the scales down.
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    You want a little ear/Brahman

    I saw a half blood Brahman heifer sell last Saturday at local sale barn. She weighed 395 and brought $2.00 a lb.
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    Hard knocks

    Not only does your family breed good cattle, they breed good hogs too. Congratulations to them on a good fair.
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    Longhorn x char vs longhorn x angus

    Bckinghorn, I would like to see where you find that LH is healthier? I understand the want to have "picturesque" cattle for the venue, but those cattle do not make a good eating experience (too lean, tenderness issues, too little muscling). If you want to use LH cows because you can buy them...
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    May All Your Santa's be Gertrudis

    Merry Christmas!!
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    Gelbvieh Crosses

    Black gelbvieh
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    Gelbvieh Crosses

    Gert x Gelbvieh F1
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    Brangus / Hereford Cross

    Super baldies sell well in the south. Every cow below I-40 needs to have some Brahman influence to be environmentally adapted. South Texas and Gulf coast needs 1/2 Brahman, where I live close to I-20 the cow needs to be 3/8 to 1/2 Brahman, from Red River north to Kansas line, a 3/16 to 1/4...
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    Brangus / Hereford Cross

    You are going to get some hybrid vigor from Brangus x Hereford cross, maybe a tick more than using an Angus. The Super Baldy is a great cross. Heifers will do well and the steer calves will top out in northeast Texas.
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    White faced brimmer

    I consider that a good trait. Sure helps when you have a Mexican buzzard or wild dog problem.
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    Brahma cross bull prospect

    If you like him go ahead. I would prefer a prospect to be stronger topped. Should be able to lay a 2x4 on his back from top of his shoulder to his hip bones and not have any space between board and back
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    What breed or mix is this?

    I think she is a jersey x Brown Swiss cross
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    Moderate sized cows

    I have read this entire thread and have a question. What body condition score were those cows in the study? A frame 2.9 that weighs 1295 lb or a frame 4.9 that weighs 1545 are certainly in more than a BCS of 5 I was always taught that frame score +7 x 100 = mature weight at a BCS of 5...
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    Double Muscled Charolais Bull

    x 2