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  1. Jeanne - Simme Valley


    1% of body weight. Increase slowly every 7 days - depending on the manure. And lots of good grass hay or grass.
  2. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Tx brucellosis vacc requirements

    Very nice heifer! NY is Bruc & TB free. Virtually no one vaccinates for Bruc. I do. It's a free state ------- until it's NOT. I don't want my herd wiped out over a $5 (here) shot. We have to do it between 4 and 8 months of age. Another good reason for me to do it, is that I have cattle...
  3. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Veterinarian relationship.

    With NY being a huge dairy state, there are lots of large animal vets. Unlike what you see on "Dr. Pol" - no, they will not rope em & hog tie them to treat them. Beef farms need facilities. Vet clinic I use is about 15 minutes away. Have used same clinic for maybe 40+ years. Have ? 6-8...
  4. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Navel ILL Heifer calf

    Good job!! You are being a good "mom". And, you are using common sense!!
  5. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Navel ILL Heifer calf

    Yes, I have been breeding cattle for 49 years, I have never had one. Not saying they don't happen.
  6. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Vaccinating calves for Warts

    Wart vaccines are "generic" - meaning they are not formulated to work on each individual farms warts. To me - waste of money and time. I show cattle and sell breeding stock. Warts are an issue to me - but mostly I ignore them. If I'm getting cattle ready for a show or selling, I simply cut...
  7. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Navel ILL Heifer calf

    Your calf does not appear to have an underbite. Looks normal. Did you vet SEE the calf or just went by what you described? "Generally" with naval ill, the joints are visibly swollen. It does sound like an injury.
  8. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Navel ILL Heifer calf

    duplicate post
  9. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Net wrap ingestion

    All my bales are net wrapped. We meticulously pick off all net wrap. A cow can eat and pass small pieces - if - it doesn't get lodged somewhere. But it wouldn't take much for a calf to get blocked up. As far as cows stomping it into the ground - well, yes, they will/can. But it never goes...
  10. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Cattle feeding.

    Are the 14 head COWS or cows, yearlings and calves?
  11. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    People can TELL a doctor what is wrong. An animal has to depend on the ability of its owner to describe what they have observed. Vets job is a lot harder.
  12. Jeanne - Simme Valley


    And how does drinking cider vinegar help with Pink Eye? Is this a method for fly control?
  13. Jeanne - Simme Valley


    All the Tetracyclines are great for Pinkeye and Footrot - never use it for respiratory. A patch (in conjunction with a 200 or 300) works best. I use old blue jeans. Cut a square and round off one corner. Use the rounded corner for the bottom - no glue on bottom. Bleach is a GREAT...
  14. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Banding Problem?

    I am a PB breeder also, but, unlike @gizmom I do not sell a lot of bulls. We cheerio band at birth anything over 100# - pedigree doesn't enter the picture at that point. They are all good pedigree. "IF" we decide a bull calf is not growing well and that decision is made early, we will band...
  15. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Hair loss

    On rear legs? Do they have new green grass squirts? The very wet manure will scald them.
  16. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    I am not trying to be mean or to chase off the OP - I just know the majority that have taken time to answer these questions, are truly shaking their heads. We really want to help but you need to be willing to listen. Your calf "appears" to have been born with a common problem that "generally"...
  17. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Fescue tox?

    Possibly the bull is mounting them and stepping on the back feet because they aren't standing.
  18. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    I'm sorry - but, I feel sorry for animals under someone's care that has so little knowledge and refuses to listen to a trained vet. If the vet says your calf appears to be starving - don't get riled - ask questions. Show what you are doing, find out what you need to be doing better. We can...
  19. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    No. Selenium must be purchased from a vet. It is the main ingredient in BoSe.
  20. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    Let's get back to WHAT KIND of milk replacer are you using? There are good ones and then there are not-so-good ones. Your calf sounds WEAK. Contracted tendons is relatively common - and it usually takes care of itself. You just have to make sure calf doesn't have to travel too far and it...