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    February 4th and what?!?!?!?

    I sure have been blessed this winter. I put out some rye grass for the first time and I actually have more grass this winter than I had back in the summer. I pulled the cows off the rye just last week and the rain and the warm days are bringing it back fast.... I don't think I would have made it...
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    South Korean beef prices article ... meRealTime By Evan Ramstad South Korean cattle farmers staged another protest in Seoul Monday to draw attention to a plunge in wholesale prices that they say are driving them out of business. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, U.S. cattle prices are...
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    Hay Feeder Wagons: Pros and Cons

    I live in Alabama, and I planted some ryegrass back in oct. It has turned out really good for me this year. I turned my cows out on my pastures this week and It has been really nice not having to feed any hay at all. I am trying to train them to come off the rye grass but you can get them to...
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    Hay Feeder Wagons: Pros and Cons

    I like my apache. My cattle don't waste near the hay they use to. My place gets really muddy so it adds to my problem. I bet if you had a sandy hill to feed on it would help a ton with hay rings. The best way to combat hay waste though is to plant winter grazing. All in all I am happy I bought...
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    209 degree Heat Index.

    I kept reading the topic and thought someone made a typo error. Gives a new meaning to global warming enthusiasts....
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    Is it worth it financially?

    Hero, I don't want to be totally negative, but I think you brought up an interesting point in your thread. You said that you knew a lady that had a vet bill of $2000. I bet you many of seasoned cattle ranchers would never spend that on their herd if it was not a really important animal. Some...
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    Is it worth it financially?

    One way you might be able to play with some cattle is just buy a few calves and a way to house bulk feed. Buy you a few steers and feed them out. Kill a couple for you and your family and try and sale the rest. You will make decent money on not having to buy beef from the store and it tastes...
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    Is it worth it financially?

    Well look at it this way.... You say you want 20 cows plus a bull..... Many people will get an 80% conception rate. So you will have about 16 calves a year. You may do better some years, but just keeping you on the conservative side. Now from what I can tell your average sale will be about 700...
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    Thanks USDA

    Well I sure was proud of my angus cattle last summer. The heat here in the south was as brutal as I have ever seen it and they made it through somehow. I saw an article somewhere where they did a study that showed cattle from southern states hold up better because they have a heat tolerance...
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    Can I make a living off of cattle

    I really hate to discourage you from following your passion in life. However, you need to understand the obstacles you will face when tryng to pay key bills to make it through life. The cow Calf business is a very difficult business to make it in financially. Cross 7 did an execellant job...
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    Convidence in the market

    You are lucky to be in that area because here in the south hay is extremely expensive, and feed cost are still high. I took a few pairs to the auction the other day and I am embarrased to say what they sold for. I have seen steer calves sell for more than these pairs brought. I was wondering...
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    10 cow/calf What it would take ?

    Yea I have to agree. I would not buy a tractor just yet. I would find a hay producer that was close to you where he could load into your pickup truck and roll it off the back when you needed it. Or even better buy a hay trailer so you could pull it to his place to load it up then put it out for...
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    Black Angus CC&7

    I have 20 bull calves on the ground so far with him.. I have about 5 more days in my calving window left. Right now they love to play, jump, and wag their tails at me when I ride by.... I like them so far.
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    How to Stop Hay Waste?

    I bought ther 24 foot version. It also has drain holes and the spindles are not welded to the floor so it flexes and drains fairly well. I also try not to put much over two to three days worth of feed because I like to check on them every so often, I am sure I could load it up with 5 large bales...
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    How to Stop Hay Waste?

    I personally struggled with wasting a lot of hay every year. It was so obvious at the end of the year of what I wasted because I feed in the same place all year long. I was determined to try and be proactive in solving this issue. In previous years I used hay rings. They really did not help that...
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    IRS question

    Cross, the only way I could figure out how to pierce this rule is to just not sale stock for a couple of years and then unload in the third year for an overstated income in that third year. You make a profit in that third year and it satisfies the IRS limitations as a genuine business. However...
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    make money

    Isomade, Your business plan is not the typical cattle farmer. If you are buying and selling property and grazing cattle on it for a couple of months in the interim, it would be just like someone buying and selling stocks and catching a dividend on it while they traded the peaks. However the...
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    make money

    I am on an I pad and I can not quote properly now..... But what CB said in his post was true wisdom.... I mean he hit a home run with that post.
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    make money

    I agree but land is dropping in price because people are broke everywhere. I mean it is the saddest thing I have seen in my life. I think we are really close to a full blown depression like we saw in the 30's. Our banking industry can not take another hit to their capital accounts, and the tax...
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    make money

    I just disagree isomade. I am certain you are a great trader of property, probably the very best. However, businesses do experience capital gains on the property locations too. It happens every day. Every business has a capital cost in property, and they pay for it and account for it. I have...