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  1. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Winning-est beef animal in the state

    Fre-Anna had her last show this past weekend. Won Grand Champion Cow/Calf - they did not have a Supreme, so that was as far as she could go. Calf won Res. Calf Champion, we were awarded Premier Breeder, and Breeder's Herd. We have weaned her calf! She is retired for this year. Her calf will...
  2. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    New one....

  3. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Calving season thus far

    I have never had a tiny calf. Wouldn't want one, but I bet it is really cute! Where in NY????
  4. Jeanne - Simme Valley much should you care?

    I don't look at carcass data on bulls except for the REA. The Simmental breed does give EPD on Shear Force
  5. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Gestation Length too short?

    @coachg you just don't have the right kind of cows. If you keep breeding for small calves, you have small cows with no pelvic measurement. JMHO I have bred Simmentals for a long time. Yes, we had giant calves back in the 70's, but I never had a paralyzed cow. We did use to have to assist...
  6. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Winning-est beef animal in the state

    She is an Executive Order, her calf is a CCF 20-20. She is carrying a 20-20 and we will be flushing her to 20-20. The heifer calf, Jilli-Anna, will be consigned to the Stars and Stripes Sale in May, and we will consign some embryos (if successful - full sibs) by 20-20. When it works, stick...
  7. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Winning-est beef animal in the state

    Thank you. I had a professional come out to take pics for PR to sell embryos next spring. Figured she would be sh$t covered in March/April when I needed pics, so did them now while show clean.
  8. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Winning-est beef animal in the state

    Simme Valley Fre-Anna, 3 year old with her January heifer calf Jilli-Anna has won 6 Supreme Shows including the NYS All Breeds Supreme Show. And the calf, Jilli-Anna has won two Grand Champions including our Simmental show at NY State Fair.
  9. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Need some advice on feed recipe

    Bryan, I have been doing this for a long time, but on a small scale. Husband was a nutritionist, so everything I do was taught by him. You know the saying? KISS WSC is the cheapest way to feed corn. Yes, you will see the kernels in the manure - but, if you had the ability to screen the...
  10. Fre-Anna w Jilli outside 8-21.jpg

    Fre-Anna w Jilli outside 8-21.jpg

  11. Jeanne - Simme Valley much should you care?

    I am not a big producer - I generally run around 50 momma cows - big beef farm for NY. So, "my" experiences are not in numbers - but I have years behind my operation. Been raising Simmentals for 49 years. I know what I like and what I can sell.
  12. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Gestation Length too short?

    We sure are on the same page. Mine happen to be purebred Simmental, but all the breeds have about the same choices in sizes! I like a 5-6 frame score and my cows average 1550# short & stout. Yes, that is a big cow, but they FIT my environment. NY grows grass!!! And, my steers are looked at...
  13. Jeanne - Simme Valley much should you care?

    @sagecreek WELCOME! Do us a favor and go into your personal page and put your LOCATION. That way it will show up each time you post. Old brains like mine won't remember from day to day where this "newbie" is located!!! LOL Back to the marbling. Why do we need to chase SO MUCH marbling...
  14. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Gestation Length too short?

    @simme normal Simmental gestation is 285 days. Yes, I think all breeds - bulls longer than heifers - 2 yr olds generally also calve a little early. Too many (in all breeds) are chasing CE. I don't. Yes, I want every cow to spit out her calf, but I strongly believe in growing out my heifers...
  15. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Need some advice on feed recipe

    TB has always been my "go to" guy for nutrition. He knows his stuff! Personally I'm too cheap. I feed my feedlot steers whole shell corn with a protein pellet adjusted to about 14% at weaning and lower it as they grow. I get WSC delivered bulk. Which sure isn't very CHEAP any more!!! Start...
  16. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Tx brucellosis vacc requirements

    Very nice heifer! NY is Bruc & TB free. Virtually no one vaccinates for Bruc. I do. It's a free state ------- until it's NOT. I don't want my herd wiped out over a $5 (here) shot. We have to do it between 4 and 8 months of age. Another good reason for me to do it, is that I have cattle...
  17. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Fall calving

    Just had a buyer come and drove off with the 2 bulls I had not sold. Unusual buyer for out here. Runs 200 head of cows and lots of bulls - South of here over the line into PA. Last 2 to sell and first off the farm.
  18. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    United Nations report on total deaths in US

    Point being - EVERY year, death toll has increased since 2013.
  19. Jeanne - Simme Valley

    Heifer bred to young

    She is old enough. Just keep her growing but don't get her FAT.