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  2. MurraysMutts

    Hereford bully

    And here's a couple more.... Random pics from Big Sexy the hereford.
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  5. MurraysMutts

    Where I grew up

    They gots small squares. Big squares. And really big squares! The really big squares are similar to big round bales.
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  7. MurraysMutts

    Worthy to be a bull?

    So keep him intact and sell him when the time comes. Good Murray Grey are hard to find and being an ai calf, I bet hes got good DNA Theres a couple top notch breeders on here. I'm excited to see what they have to say... @Backbone Ranch @TwoByrdsMG @puzzled in oregon @clubbiebreeder
  8. MurraysMutts

    Calving season thus far

    Great story! My 99 cow was a good mama like that. Her last calf got pneumonia something fierce. He hid in the trees behind the house. 2 or 3 times a day she was there feeding him. She always came to him. Did all we could for the calf but he didnt make it. It was a very sad day when she came to...
  9. MurraysMutts

    Worthy to be a bull?

    I dont know what the problem would be coming out of a heifer. Assume mother is Murray Grey as well? Do u know the cows lineage? I bet he does well... Fact is, I'd be interested in a bull of Murray Grey persuasion
  10. MurraysMutts

    Hereford bully

    Well. Upon further inspection, I think she was babysitting the one on its feet when she had hers. No umbi on the standing calf and lots of milk poo. The one laying is definitely hers. She was still wet. My guess is, the older one is Berthas... Bertha will be going to town later. This will be...
  11. MurraysMutts

    Hereford bully

    The baldies are coming! The baldies are coming! What's this? And why is mama looking the other way?????? O sweet jesus!
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  14. MurraysMutts

    Brahma cross bull prospect

    That first one is still growing like a weed. The rwf is 2 months older. The bwf is a month plus older. Here's the 2nd one. Shes a lil cutie!
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  17. MurraysMutts

    Murrays projects 2021

    One of the 2 pair I bought. This is Sugar. Snows calf didnt survive being stepped on. Mama is a such a tiny first calf heifer but shes doing a bang up job!! The lil heifer I had with em on my acre while I was feeding them. She was bottled. Grass now. Tho it's going away fast.
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