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    Fischer Investments

    Anyone used them, if so what has been your experience?
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    Rip Zeus

    Had to put down my horse today. He was my last living connection to my cattle operation. 38 years of age
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    Heifer Bull Deluxe

    This was a great heifer bull for me. Never had a calf weigh more than 65 lbs. Most were 55 lbs out of about 500 calves. They hit the ground running and exploded growth wise. He was used on F-1 Brangus and F-1 Branford cattle. Cant remember who he was out of sire wise , both the dam was Doll...
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    Ol school Limi

    Don’t get on here much anymore. Sold all the cattle and starting to sell off the farm. Anyway daughter sent over some pics I’ve been looking for. Here’s one of a FullBloodLimi that is very old school, out of Colorado 150 .The type of animal that Limousine quit breeding. This type of animal was...
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    AC question

    Is their a pee trap on a house ac normally, or does it normally use the one that the line that drains condensation in the wall behind sink
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    White Bass

    You fellas have fun fixing those water troughs.I’m resting up, week from now I’m going to be jerking some lips. I caught these last week all males. The girls won’t be far behind
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    Keeping Horse warm

    OK, this cold is uncharted water for me and my 35 year old horse. He's in a covered shed , it is not enclosed. It does stop the north wind and is covered. He has a lined rain jacket cover on him. Is their anything else I can do to help him out, also he is blind in one eye. Any ideas or thought...
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    New RV trailer

    Looking for recommendations on a new rv. 1/2 towable, so probably around 7500 gross weight. What brands do you own and have you been pleased with the product
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    White Bass

    Sandies are running good, crappie should start showing up in a couple of weeks.You bovine wranglers have fun, I’m headed back fishing.
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    Texas versus Georgia

    Looks like the Horns got the memo from Bevo. Kick some Dawg tookus!!!!
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    Horse feed

    Need some input, I have an old horse 34 years old to be exact. Very thin and starting to slobber when eating. At present we’re feeding Wenlandts All In One. He still has his appetite. I assume it’s a teeth issue. Any suggestions on a different feed.
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    Need a utv opinion

    Need to by a side by side looking at a Honda Pioneer 1000. I've had good luck with a Honda Rancher 4wheeler. What do the rest of you use and why?
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    Special Kind of Stupid

    What can I say, folks living in SE Texas with no flood insurance ! That takes a special kind of stupid.
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    Texas Tech versus OU

    What ya bet Baker Mayfield had October 24 circled on his calander? Hope he has a huge game. I'm a UT fan, but Saturday ,"Boomer Sooner"
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    Sad Day in PBR

    My close friend Marlene Henry had to put down her bull. She knew him as her Pet,in The PBR he was known as Mick E. Mouse. It was a great loss cause most of us that follow bull riding thought this bull would have been bull of the year as well as breaking all the buck off records. Out 35 times...
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    AC problems

    Well you are always full of information so Ill run a problem by you. My ac just aint cutting it. Main problem seems to be getting humidity out of the house. The compressor is a couple of years old. Ac guy has checked everything out and he says its charged correctly and pressure are correct. I...
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    Im a Texas Nutcase

    Its time folks for a movement, and sadly its gonna have to come out of the Midwest,, us Texans are nuts. We need polticians to pass and enforce a law that will remove the immigrant nut cases... Not only them, but all their family. They came to this country under a false flag. They all, should be...
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    Getting shafted

    Just thought I would pass this story on to some of you nearing retirement. I took some of the money that I had in A SEP retirement account and placed it with the folks at "Safe Money" with Ken Morait....His show is heard on stations on Saturdays and Sundays....The whole speil is that they will...
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    A question for some you that might happen to be NRA members. Back in the 70's I sent my card back to the NRA because of my beliefs concerning politicians that got a good voting record score, but never seemed to shy away from more gun control when the cameras were rolling. So being that I am not...
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    Texas versus Texas A&M

    To think we could have had a game!!!!! See the Aggie scratching the dirt.....bahhhhh bahhhhh cluck cluck.....cockadoodle doo!!!!!