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    504r signature reviews?

    I replaced my NH644 with one and actually kept the NH for 3 years just in case I needed it. Finally sold NH this spring as I have never pulled it out of shed. I have had very little issues and that is usually my fault trying to put some wet material in it. Son-in-Law was putting a roll...
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    genetics question

    I have a mixed herd of mainly black angus-x with a couple of red angus, and a couple of questionable breed. I had been breeding to a registered Black Angus bulls since 2002. I got rid of my last one due to age and size, and purchased a Saler-x-Angus cross last year hoping to introduce some...
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    Who makes the best AR 15?

    Take a look at these - Welcome to Alexander Arms®, designers of and home to the original big-bore AR-15 .50 Beowulf®, the superior 6.5 Grendel, and the only AR-15 .17 HMR in the world! These are produced in Radford, Virginia. I bought a 6.5 grendel before I deployed...
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    Cross-breeding saler

    Jack back in November, He is about 24 months old.
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    Cross-breeding saler

    Our cattlemen's association took a trip to Kentucky 2011. We visited a farm that was raising Saler. I was impressed with what I saw, as I walked through some of the herd with the owner. I started looking to replace my registered angus bull last year as he had some age and ailments. Hated...
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    what to do?

    big building is some sort of warehouse. Sembach was a Nato airbase started by the French, and utilized by the US. In the 90's much of it was turned over to the German Government, and rumor has it that the Farmers who had protested against it being built in the first place, started digging up...
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    what to do?

    From our office spaces
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    what to do?

    Sugar beets
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    what to do?

    Sembach, Germany
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    what to do?

    Hello from Germany. I will try to post a few pictures as the location I am stationed is so much like back home. Sugar beets, Cattle, Corn, Deer, even a goose farm are nearby. Make me homesick, and feel like I am at home all at the same time.
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    Ball waterers

    I have been using Mirafount for over 10 years. Very few problems. We do not have any horned cattle so can't tell anyone about that aspect. The only issue I have had is a 2 hole one that is an off brand (can't recall what it is - blue and red) that gets moved around on base more due to the way...
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    Bib Overalls

    I like the Carhartt. Had a pair of inexpensive denim on one day and father-in-law asked me to band a rather large calf. We had no head gate or chute at the time so we tied him to a post in the barn. Well I was close to getting the job done when he kicked at me an hit me right at the right...
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    Beefy Clover

    I have found it (Dixie) working well in my hay fields in SW Virginia. It has done well seeding itself and somewhat resisted the weed spraying for horse nettle etc. Better 1st cutting than later but still there. I have been frost seeding it in jan/February timeframe.
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    what to do?

    Isomade - Thanks I'll look into that. I know there are some tax remedies to keep deployed from being affected but I hadn't checked into AG exemptions. Good idea.
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    what to do?

    I am Command Master Chief Seabee (Construction Battalion) never really been on a ship that much, only in troops berthing. I have been in a lot of different countries. All 12 of the 5YO cows are proven, and I have never had to pull a calf. I hate to get rid of some of the older ones cause...
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    what to do?

    Ok little background here. I visit and read boards regularly without logging in to often. I appreciate the vast information that I have read. Forgive me if this is long. I am a long time US Navy Reservist (29 years active/reserve) and have a decent civialn job that lets me farm. I have 54...
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    5093 and hydraulic question

    Ok I have a 22 month old JD 5093. When changing out the spear for bucket I noticed that one side tilted faster than the other. Could this be due to different hydraulic fluids from various machinery used with and interchanges with older Massey. Baler, rake, mowing machine, bush hog are all...
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    4wd tractor for haying

    I bought a 5093 in January 2011. I have used for all aspects of haying. Rake with 8 wheel Kuhn, round bale and 7' hyaline. Usually take off the quick attach bucket and put on spear. See no difference in field abuse. I prefer to used 2wd Massey as much as possible as it is better on fuel, but...