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    frozen calf

    I don't know how others handle this situation but it seems to work for me. We had a heifer that I check at 10pm calve the following morning. Temp was in the low teens and when I found her at 6:30 the calf was pretty well gone. Barely moving her legs and the gum line was pretty blue. When I...
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    Horned hereford bull to improve udders via AI

    We have nice hereford cow that has an udder that needs improvement. Mostly in volume. The teats are fairly short but she just lacks volume and now that she has had her second calf it is apparent she needs a tick more milk production. Any suggestions. Thanks
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    pre-calving vaccine for cows????

    I have had some calves in the last three years that get pinkeye early. two were only days old. The first calf this year was 7 weeks old. We vaccinated the calves this year with pinkeye vaccine at about a week old. Vet saids go ahead...can't hurt. Wasn't sure if it would do any good 'cause...
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    Newly seeded grass When to graze???

    I messed up last year and overgrazed some beautiful orchardgrass and lost the pasture. To renovate the pasture I no-tilled fescue/clover/alfagraze alfalfa with wheat as a cover crop in Feb/Mar. All of the mix is there, sprouted and growing but I fear that the weeds are going to overtake the...
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    Worst weaning ever.

    Just finished weaning our fall calves. We only averaged 350 lbs. Usually our weaning average is 200+ lbs better! We have approached 600 lb weaning average before with some calves as big as 800 lbs. This year our BIGGEST did not top 500! Our spring average this year was 575. There are a...
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    best way to sow brome?

    I had some OG that froze out and then I made a mistake and grazed it too hard over the winter and early spring and basically lost all of the grass in the field. I was thinking of switching from OG to brome but I haven't had much luck in the past getting brome to sprout. What do you feel is the...
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    AI service charge?

    I had a guy want me to sync and ai 3 heifers. To do this they are going to be on my place for 2 weeks. we use Ovacyst, CIDR and Estrumate to sync. $20 semen. What would you think would be a fair price?
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    birth weights lower in fall?

    I was talking with a buddy this weekend and he asked if I had noticed that the fall birth weights were lower than spring. Since we have only had fall calving for two years I hadn't put any thought to it. When I checked my records I seem to support what he said. Do those of you with more...
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    fly control minerals. Do they work??

    So what is the opinion of the learned? do you use fly control minerals - ctc/afc minerals and do you feel they work? We have used them for 3 seasonons religiously and if they are working I would hate to see what my cows would look like with out them 'cause unless we use pour-ons/backrubbers we...
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    Pinkeye symptoms in newborn calves

    The last two springs we have had a calf that shows signs of pinkeye. waterey eye and a small spot appearing. From the symptoms I would think it to be pinkeye. The first calf was only 4 days old and this years was about 2 weeks. I gave them both LA 200 and the response was immediate and...
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    Great day for an implant!

    Sunday we put in 24 embryo's. Had 26 available recips, two were rejected upon palpation. We set up 31 cows as possible recips. One has developed a very lame hind foot and we chose not to use her. Another lost her CIDR. 3 did not come into heat at the right time. (Two of these are very...
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    udder evaluation???

    We reacently weaned our spring calves. I was doing uder evaluations at this time. Is the right time to do these evaluations and what do you look for? Also how much does this evaluation come into culling decisions? We have a couple of cows that have small udders but do a nice job of putting...
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    An appeal to the generosity of the people on this forum

    A friend of mine lost 125 bales due to arson. ( ... /news2.txt) We are in an area of Missouri that was hit with an early frost that reduced our yeilds by 1/2 to 1/3 and then we have had no rain in August and only 1 inch in September. We are in dire need...
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    selling bulls

    My son has a good angus bull that we hve been trying to sell. We haven't had much response. I talked with our broker today and he had a rather interesting statistic. There has been an estimate of 300,000 cows that left the state last year because of the lack of hay. Good bulls bring the same...
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    our first ET calf is here!

    say hello to Olivia Travel Ext 1016 this is the first of what I hope to 40 et calves. Ext daughter with QAS on the dam side :D
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    This is my summer project! I love old barns!

    We are going to reside and paint this barn so that it makes it another 100yrs
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    Hereford Bull what do you think

    I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures of peoples critters so here is our horned hereford herd bull. 2 yr old in april.
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    Angus bull to add muscle part 2

    early we had a good discusion of which bull to use to improve the muscling on a female we were considering flushing. I have since had the opportunity to get some pictures of her, her yearling heifer and 2 yr old bull. The bull is from a Cirlce A Exacto son and the heifer is a Gridmaker...
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    angus sire to add muscle?

    We have a large framed Vermillion Dateline cow that we would like to flush. One of the goals I want to achieve is to add muscle to this gal. What would be a good choice. Gridmaker comes to mind but I am worried about the frame size. I really don't want bigger framed calves from this cow.