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    Go Fund Me

    So the other night at work I was looking at Kickstarter and go fund me sites and could not believe the amount of people asking for money for the stupidest things. From the guy caught in the Calgary stampede sex video asking to fund a welding truck to someone wanting money for a hot dog and...
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    book recommendations

    What are some books you guys would recommend are must reads for seed stock and cattleman in general?
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    Hereford Tour

    Well guys I am planning a hereford tour for this summer or next. These are the places I am planning on going to, anyone I missed who is worth seeing along this route? especially in western Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and SE South Dakota and Southern North Dakota. This is the order of places I was...
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    Rear Leg Conformation

    Hello all, was looking at some cows to buy here and their back legs were bothering me. Got home thinking they walked bad and looked through my cows and they walk the same. Now its got me questioning if I have cows with terrible rear leg conformation. Could someone post a video of a bull and a...
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    Line One cows in NE Montana or NW N.Dakota

    Hey guys, trying to find 10-15 Line One hereford cows in NE Montana or NW N.Dakota. Heading to Plentywood area to pick some calving stuff up from a buddy then to Minot to find kids a play structure. I'm from Saskatchewan. Trying to find some good Line One cows for sale, calving May June...
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    Garlic for Fly Control

    Looked all over the internet and this forum for how much garlic to add to a 50lb bag of mineral for my cows. Found absolutely nothing on how much to use, found alot about how it works so great but no one says how much to give each cow. Has anyone used garlic powder for fly control and how much...
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    Looking for bred cows or pairs

    Where are some good places online to look for bred cows or pairs for sale in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana? Or anyone got any on here? Looking for Angus X Hereford or straight hereford cows calving now till July 15th or pairs. Reasonably priced. No bad bags, bad feet or old cows.
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    How much rolled barley?

    I am feeding some yearling bulls to develop them. I want to achieve 3.5lbs/head/day, wondering how much barley I should max them out on to achieve 3.5lbs/head/day with free choice hay if they are currently weighing 600lbs? The rolled barley has added supplement and they get free choice mineral...
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    Lost calving books, how to figure out BW?

    Hey all, I lost my calving books and have 12 bulls that we kept back, but now we dont know their BW to figure out if any can be heifer bulls. Is there any way to figure out somehow through their EPD's or something that is any way accurate? They are Horned Herefords.
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    Horned Hereford Bulls to Lease?

    Hey folks, long story short my wife and I decided to split our cows off from my dads and give this a go on our own. Problem is he decided to keep all the bulls in our split and I cant afford to buy bulls this year. Does anyone know of any Horned Hereford breeders in Northern Montana, Manitoba...
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    Looking for Horned Hereford Cows to Lease

    Hey guys, well after a year of running an ad looking for cows on a lease to purchase I have gave up and decided maybe just a calf share will work. We brought in custom pairs this year and after screwing around all summer with them getting out I would rather have cows of my own on the land. So...
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    Northern Rancher Passes Away

    Just learned this morning from a friend at Plentywood, MT, that Northern Rancher a.k.a. Corey Wilson, lost his battle to cancer last night. Not sure on the details or anything. Just thought I would let everyone know.
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    Guardrail corrals

    Wondering if anyone can post some pics of guard rail corrals or working facilities they might have. Or if they have built windbreaks, hay feeders, etc and post any pics. Wondering if anyone has bought some guardrail recently and what it costs/ft by the semi load?
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    Looking for hereford herd to breed welsh black

    Hello Folks, wondering if anyone out there has or knows of someone who has a large commercial horned hereford herd that are straightbred hereford. Looking for someone who is interested in breeding their straightbred hereford cows to Welsh black bulls that we purchase and we buy back all the...
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    Commercial Speckle Park cattle

    Hello guys, looking for 30-40 commercial Speckle Park females. I found all my females on here a few years back and thought I would try again. I sold all my Speckle Park females to a guy and now he wants 30-40 more and asked me to help him find some. Wondering if anyone knows of any commercial...
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    Homozygous black, horned black gelbvieh

    Hello guys, wondering if anyone out there knows of a gelbvieh breeder, with good stock, who would have some homozygous black, HORNED black gelbvieh bulls for sale. And if they were linebred stock that would be the topping on the cake, but I could settle without the linebred, but need the horns...
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    Red hide vs black hide cattle

    Hey guys, taking the next step on my composite. Wondering what are the pros and cons of red hide and black hide cattle. Whatever composite I create will be homozygous black or homozygous red (if you can get that). I was going to go with homozygous black cattle in my composite but want to look...
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    Looking for cows on lease to own #2

    Seeing as my thread was hijacked I will start a new one. Looking for cows on a lease to own basis. Agreement will be drawn up by lawyer so both parties are protected. Looking for commercial of purebred horned hereford cows, angus x hereford cows, or welsh black cows. Interested or know of...
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    Looking for cows on Lease to own

    Hey everybody, if you know of anyone in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta or even BC, heck anywhere close to Saskatchewan, who would be interested in doing a lease to own on some Purebred or commercial horned hereford cows, or angus X horned hereford cows, or on some welsh black cows, let me know...
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    Conway Herefords

    Anyone ever seen Conway Herefords cows from Alberta?