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  1. J

    NEw to me tractor and question

    I agree with the others on putting a loader on that little MF. Front ends on that era MF weren't really up to loader work. For what you would spend on a loader and buying/fabricating mounts to fit, your efforts might be better directed into finding a decent used small skid steer :idea:
  2. J

    Used Tractor Around $30K

    Seems like modern horsies are all smaller than they used to be ;-) That said, I must say I'm impressed with the 4cyl in my Kubota. At 375 cubic inches making 105 PTO HP, it has more displacement than a 5.9L Cummins 6cyl :o
  3. J

    3 point Hay Unroller ?

    I have a locally built bale unroller similar design to the second pic, but built heavier. The guy who made them retired some years back. Made hundreds of them over the years. Best/simpliest design I have ever seen. Like corral panels in good condition, at a ranch auction the purchaser...
  4. J

    Miles driven a day

    Some days I don't go anywhere. Today I'm headed to the hayfield which is 34 miles round trip. Will stop and get my mail on the way home this afternoon. Post office is 13 miles from home so 26 on any mail run day. Church is 10 miles. Nearest town is 40. Medical appts are 100.
  5. J

    Hay Equipment

    The thing is, if you want your hay put up in a timely fashion, chances are you will have to do it yourself. If you're lucky, you might get someone to do it on shares. Custom balers are few and far between in this country. Used to be a custom guy here with a swather, rake, and a couple...
  6. J

    Any one try this twine?

    Aaron, I think I'm using the same or similar stuff. Moved one of last years stacks last week and picked up some twine from under the stack. Looks just like the day it was put on. Sisal would probably be the same. It seems like it is hard to get good quality sisal twine anymore. Too many...
  7. J

    Hay Equipment

    I don't see how you can get a different baler that makes tighter rolls but requires less HP :?: That seems to defy the laws of physics. To make tighter bales, more HP is required. I have always made 5x5 bales. 5x5 bales from a Hesston 5500 baler weighed around 800 lbs. 5x5 bales from...
  8. J

    Uh Huh

    I'm tempted to start responding with Dave Ramsey's standard reply, "Better than I deserve"
  9. J

    Uh Huh

    A similar topic was brought up not long ago on another board about when someone replies "no problem" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. J

    Pature Rent Cost Options ?

    It looks like a very poor hay year here so hay prices should rise if anything. Pasture rents seem to be holding steady. I'm getting $35/AUM this year, same as last year. Doesn't look like the pastures will hold out as well this year unless we get rain.
  11. J

    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    The trail type Vermeer TM1400 appears to be a 2 point hookup. I've never been closer to one than these pictures. Click on photos. ... ers/tm1400 The MacDon 5000 has a plate that bolts to the tractor drawbar with a Cat II pin sticking up. Back the...
  12. J

    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    I've never been around a 3pt mower, but would a 3 pt quick hitch be helpful, or potential trouble? My experience tells me I shouldn't use a quick hitch with PTO powered attachments. Last winter I used my Cat II quick hitch with the snowblower. Had to be careful when lowering the snowblower...
  13. J

    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    My MacDon swather uses a bracket mounted on the drawbar. When done haying, it's easier just to pull one pin to remove the drawbar than to take the bracket off. The tractor drawbar is usually not used for anything else anyway. If for some reason there would be need to use the drawbar on...
  14. J

    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    For you guys who do use 3pt mowers, I assume you always cut round and round clockwise because the mower stays on the RH side of the tractor? I used to hay creek bottoms, but not anymore. So I always make 6 rounds around the outside perimiter with my swing tongue moco to provide enough room to...
  15. J

    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    I understand the point True Grit is getting at. While 3 pt mount mowers might do well in small odd shaped hayfields such as creek bottoms, road ditches or hay corrals, they are limited in size and the capacity to cover the acres compared to a trail mower. In a square hay field with no...
  16. J

    Hay Season 2016

    Got the tractors hooked on to the swather, rake, and I got the baler out today. Hay looking pretty bleak unless something changes soon. Today I moved 15 old crop bales for my cousin that is still feeding hay. But they are horse people and feed hay year round :roll:
  17. J

    Thinking about new hay cutter??

    I now run a MacDon 5000 16' pull type conventional moco with conditioner. But for covering a lot of acres fast, and if you don't care about conditioning or making windrows, it's still hard to beat an old school sickle bar mower :idea: Rowse mower spec page claims their 18' mowers can cover...
  18. J

    Haybine Roller bearing change

    I used to do that kind of stuff, but just don't have what it takes anymore. I know the day is coming when the MacDon is going to need some bearings. I'll probably just hitch on the pickup and take it somewhere. For bearings and belts, if you have an industrial wholesaler within reasonable...
  19. J

    Just thinking..........

    Classic country and classic rock both used to have groups back in the 70's and 80's. Most of them are getting old and some dying off. Most younger artists go solo but i don't care for modern music either country or rock. On the classic rock side I miss groups like Fleetwood Mac and REO...
  20. J

    Seems someone was contemplating purchase of a Mahindra tractor a while back ...

    I'm fixin' to get the baler hooked on to the Kubota this morning. Should be out there doing it now, but I'm still tanking up on coffee :mrgreen: The quonset heats up like an oven fast on days like today.