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    Bad Boy

    May I ask why? I borrowed a Woods, tore it all to hell, going over the same stuff I did with my BushHog.
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    New ( to me) use for Corriente Cattle

    I found all this PR/bs info at a Wagyu beef importer site, they spend a lot of $ on paper work:eek:
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    wagyu 5.jpg

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    wagyu 4(1).jpg

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    wagyu 2.jpg

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    I wonder just how long this TS money will last, How much has TN used so far, and how much is in reserve for future payouts?
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    Longhorn bull to Hereford cows

    That's sounds like something I might do, So my advice is DON'T !
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    Hope he stays on his side of the fence.

    Don't know what your state laws are, but I was told to send a registered letter. Don't if that's true or not. I do know .22 rat shot works wonders, . 22 WMR rat shot works better! Never got to the .30 cal.
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    Clover Galore

    Long term the soil health would be much better to leave it. but I don't know what your needs are for the next 12 months. Like Kenny said "If it not a lot of acres it would be interesting to see what happens if you leave it" Below grade, the soil microbes will very happy, and that's a good thing..
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    14-5-38 fertilizer

    To heck with the soil test this year, put it on, soil test next year. then fertilize per soil test next year!!
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    Here we are again

    I quit in the 80s, but since around 2000 I do use cell/smartazz phone! Promptness is a virtue! And it pees me off too No End, when I have a doctors appointment at 2:30, I get there at 2:15, they put me in a little room at 2:50, The doctor shows up at 3:05, and stays 4.5 mins!!!
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    Here we are again

    I really don't care what time it is. I just want it to stay the same year round! I'm like Forrest Gump, I eat when I'm hungry, I rest when I'm tired, I rise with the Sun, I sleep when the TV clicks on, I click out!:sleep::)
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    Putting the kubota to work

    Dito, BTW, does anyone know how much a bucket full of muck weights, bet it overloads most 4wd tractors
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    Putting the kubota to work

    I found out a long time ago, its cheaper in the long run to hire a tracked loader or track hoe, cause you get muck in front hubs + stuck, and that aint good for seals, bearings, and that costs any savings of doin your self.
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    Ive got a 10 + year old Anbo 96 in, I don't think it can be bent/broke, but its sure hard on front tires when you pick up a log, that should have been pulled w/chain!:eek:
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    No oil change for 10 years and 170 hours

    ??????? ??????? Ever had a engine blow??
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    No oil change for 10 years and 170 hours

    just very curious, What kind of work do you do?
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    Solar Fence Charger

    A group 30 or 31 battery that's weak, or will not start a tractor in winter will power the 12v fence chargers that Ive got for 3+ months, if i forget to charge it:rolleyes: